Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Does it make me a bad mom if my first impulse was to take a picture, rather than help the poor kiddo?

Needless to say, The Frog is becoming quite mobile.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cool sites!

I've managed to come across some great sites I thought I should share: - you can sign up according to your area. It's sort of like craigslist except you're not allowed to charge money for things. It's where to go if you just have stuff you want to get rid of. I've already gotten 3 board books for The Frog and given away some baby formula. :) - helps you get on a cleaning plan to stay on top of the clutter and mess. I really like her philosophy - just take 5 minutes!

Meal Makeover Mom's - I mostly enjoy listening to this podcast. You can get it for free on iTunes. It's just 2 moms who are dieticians who take ordinary recipes, make them healthier, and try them out on their families to make sure their kids and spouses will eat them. Perhaps this will save me from a few recipe fails...

7 months!

The Frog has officially made it 7 months, and what a week he's had!

He's a pretty good eater, in that he really likes to eat whatever I'm eating... and he wants to do it himself. I always have to make sure he eats something on his own while I'm feeding him, or he gets upset.

We discovered that The Frog can sit-up by himself. I just didn't know because I never put him like that, besides in his high-chair, and he can't get into sitting position by himself. Although, as soon as he sees something he wants out of reach, he'll just topple over to get it.

As of Tuesday, he has started army-crawling around to get stuff. I ran to get the video camera as soon as I saw him do it, but he won't perform on command. I'm still not sure why sometimes he does it and sometimes he won't, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before he gets into everything.

And then, I couldn't help but include a couple of extra-cute shots :D