Friday, September 14, 2018

Kid Conversation

I was cleaning out my bookshelf yesterday and found this written in an abandoned spiral notepad intended for writing my "personal history" (that I clearly never did....)  But here was my first entry from October 15, 2013.  (The Frog was just barely 5)

I love having kids that can now narrate their thoughts.  They often have the most interesting perspective.

I can't remember now what exactly was going on, but I think I was probably quizzing Jack on some simple addition.  He still used his fingers to solve these problems and had miscounted.  I probably indicated in some vague way, that he should maybe count again.  He was dead certain of his answer and so I showed him with my fingers the correct answer.  His reply was a moan, "Why are you always right?  I can't wait until I'm 6 and I know everything!"

Monday, June 18, 2018

Hazel love

Hazel has lately learned how to "make documents" as she calls it, where she will search for a particular images (princesses, animals, flowers and desserts are her favorite searches) and she'll paste it into a document usually accompanied by "Hazel loves princesses" or whatever image she chose this time.  Then she prints them out and either gives them to the person she wrote it for or tapes it to her wall by the bed.

She is also my girl for writing me love notes.  I love them.  They all say the same thing- Dear mom.  I love you. I love mom.  love, Hazel"

Today, I turned on my computer and found this typed letter (in a fancy font, I might add)

Dear  Peach 
I Love  You   I  am   going   to   invite   you   to    Hogwarts 
i  love   you
you  have  to   get  a  wand  and  a    uniform 

Love    Hazel

Monday, April 9, 2018

Kid Conversation- Toad's first!

Toad had his first kid conversation a couple weeks ago!  He doesn't say much, yet, and will very distinctly say something and then never say it again (like he pointed right at some cheese and said, "cheese" very clearly, one time) but this one is a regular and it is so cute!

So, Toad really likes shoes.  He likes to have me put his on.  He likes to put on mine.  The other day, he slipped on a pair of mine, while already wearing his own!!

When Toad wants to go outside (which is more often than I do), he brings me my boots.  On this particular occasion, though, he not only brought them to me but said,


doesn't that just make you want to squish him?!  love. that. boy.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Planting Antelopes

Hazel is getting old enough that she doesn't usually misspeak but today was so cute, I had to write it down.  She is often stealing seeds from fruits to save for planting in the spring and today I was cutting up a cantaloupe to have with lunch.  She comes by later with a mason jar containing about 5 seeds and says to me, "Look mom!  I'm saving these so we can plant some antelopes!"

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Babies Do Funny Things

I see time slide by at light speed these days and would super like to try an record some of the small moments that will be too fuzzy to miss, if not recorded, such as this:

Toad tried to eat a ladybug today. 

I managed to get it out before he swallowed, but alas, it didn't survive the trauma. 

My favorite was the shrieks and disturbed reactions from his siblings contrasted by Toad's oblivious surprise at their reaction.