Monday, November 4, 2019

Waxing Poetic

Scribble Scribble
On his tummy,
Sprawled out on the floor,
Toad perfects his
Blackened figure-
Was a plane before.

Green emerges,
Then the blues;
Only he understands.
With great contentment,
His work self-judged:
Masterpiece! by chubby hands.

PS I'm so pleased to finally have a toddler that loves to draw and color- a quiet, sedentary activity!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Toad lately

I can't believe how much older Toad seems since 6 months ago!  He wasn't talking very much until about 20 months old and then exploded with words.  He doesn't make any guttural sounds (g, k), replacing most of them with "t" and "d", so it can be challenging to understand him, but he talks on and on like everyone knows what he's saying.  It's adorable.

Binary questions always affirmed with "yesssssss".

I wanted to be sure and remind my future self how he loves to get himself breakfast while I'm making (2nd) breakfast everyday.  For months, he used to pour himself a nice, cold, bowl of frozen peas from our bottom-drawer freezer, but lately he's discovered the frozen "boo-loo-bellies" (blueberries), and now prefers to eat breakfast with the family sporting a purple goatee and hands to match.  Toad can also serve himself a nice Babybel cheese wheel- which he can open and undo the circumferencing wax strip, but then rips the whole thing in half, nibbles what is poking out of each red, half-moon, and discards the rest somewhere for me to discover (hopefully before it becomes fossilized).  Heaven help me when he gets ahold of the raisins...

I also love that Toad will often spontaneously sing "Happy birthday to you, for mama"  (and that's the only part he knows).  He loves loves LOVES music.  He always requests "I want CD" in the car, but the only one he wants to listen to is "Beedas" (Beatles).  "I want subma-een"  The older kids like The Yellow Submarine, and I stupidly let them listen to it on the Yellow Submarine album (which is not their best album, I must say) and now that's the only CD Toad is satisfied to recognize as the Beatles and will allow us to enjoy.  I'm pretty sure I've heard that album 50 times last week alone.  He loves to dance- especially spins that land him on the floor or wide sways of his adorable, diapered, buns.

Toad is very interested in toilets right now.  He often wants to look in at the mechanisms in the tank when we flush, and must then watch, and flush a few times more.  He likes to try and help me wipe too, which is often a struggle, but I usually manage to win that battle.  Once flushing (which usually occurs before I'm done, or when there is no need) he often asks "where it go?"  And when I tell him "in the pipes under the house" he always responds very knowingly "OOOOOOhhhh."  He has even used the toilet himself a few times, much to my extreme amazement, but is not interested in using the potty exclusively.  The Toad will never own up when I accuse him of poop in his diaper and seems to always time it perfectly for just after I've put him in the car to leave, especially when we're in a hurry.

He has already picked up on making sound effects (undoubtedly from The Frog), especially unique ones for his vehicles.

Toad never really used our Lego Duplos, jumping right to the "Yegos" he sees his older siblings use.  He can often be making lop-sided, holey, houses and "panes" (planes).

Toad really really loves babies.  He points them out wherever we go.  Anytime I get on my phone he grabs at it so he can "see baby" in Marco Polo videos from my sister and friends.  He tucks in dolls for sleep and was really excited when my friend and her 3 boys (one of them just barely walking) came to play and loved to "help" that baby find something to do (until he wanted something Toad was particularly attached to).  Oddly, he got very protective of his changing mat when I loaned that out and reminded me of it today.

I'm sorry to say, I probably have 1/100th as many pictures of his childhood as I do of the others, and I vow to be better about that- especially since he's my most willing photography subject!  However, I only get one chance for a good photo with him because as soon as he thinks I've had enough time to snap his posed smile, he totters straight for the camera, arms outstretched, saying "ca-I see?"

Toad does NOT like to be left behind.  Whether I'm walking the kids to the bus or grabbing a can from the basement, if he notices, he will drop what he's doing and urgently ask,
"ca-I come?"
me: "sure"
Toad: "oooh-taaaay!"

Friday, September 14, 2018

Kid Conversation

I was cleaning out my bookshelf yesterday and found this written in an abandoned spiral notepad intended for writing my "personal history" (that I clearly never did....)  But here was my first entry from October 15, 2013.  (The Frog was just barely 5)

I love having kids that can now narrate their thoughts.  They often have the most interesting perspective.

I can't remember now what exactly was going on, but I think I was probably quizzing Jack on some simple addition.  He still used his fingers to solve these problems and had miscounted.  I probably indicated in some vague way, that he should maybe count again.  He was dead certain of his answer and so I showed him with my fingers the correct answer.  His reply was a moan, "Why are you always right?  I can't wait until I'm 6 and I know everything!"

Monday, June 18, 2018

Hazel love

Hazel has lately learned how to "make documents" as she calls it, where she will search for a particular images (princesses, animals, flowers and desserts are her favorite searches) and she'll paste it into a document usually accompanied by "Hazel loves princesses" or whatever image she chose this time.  Then she prints them out and either gives them to the person she wrote it for or tapes it to her wall by the bed.

She is also my girl for writing me love notes.  I love them.  They all say the same thing- Dear mom.  I love you. I love mom.  love, Hazel"

Today, I turned on my computer and found this typed letter (in a fancy font, I might add)

Dear  Peach 
I Love  You   I  am   going   to   invite   you   to    Hogwarts 
i  love   you
you  have  to   get  a  wand  and  a    uniform 

Love    Hazel

Monday, April 9, 2018

Kid Conversation- Toad's first!

Toad had his first kid conversation a couple weeks ago!  He doesn't say much, yet, and will very distinctly say something and then never say it again (like he pointed right at some cheese and said, "cheese" very clearly, one time) but this one is a regular and it is so cute!

So, Toad really likes shoes.  He likes to have me put his on.  He likes to put on mine.  The other day, he slipped on a pair of mine, while already wearing his own!!

When Toad wants to go outside (which is more often than I do), he brings me my boots.  On this particular occasion, though, he not only brought them to me but said,


doesn't that just make you want to squish him?!  love. that. boy.