Saturday, June 27, 2020

Rose's First Kid Conversation!

Jay, feeling quite frustrated, trying to get the kids to quiet down so we could say our nightly family prayer.  Our kids all seem to want to have the last word in any conversation and it can be really hard to get them to pause a conversation.  Jay, finally decides he has to pull out the big guns:

Jay:  Ok!  The next people to talk before we say the prayer will earn a chore until everyone is quiet!
[everyone quiets immediately until...]
Rose: (with gusto)  Ahhhhhhhhhh

Monday, May 11, 2020

Kid conversation, bath fun

Toad: mom, do you know why I like taking baths so much?
Me: why?
Toad: because I get to do (starts counting with his fingers) cannon ball, ultra bomb cannon ball, and mega laser cannon ball.

And now I also know why the walls are dripping and the floor is totally soaked every time he takes a bath… 

Kid Conversation, breast feeding

Toad is so sweet with his baby sister, Rose, and loves to hold her (though not for very long).  He especially loves holding her when she’s crying because then he gets to say, “shhhhh” in her ear.  :)

Toad: mom, can I hold the baby?
Me: no, honey, I need to feed her.
Toad: I can feed her! See? (Lifting up his shirt) I have those too!
Me: Oh, honey, that is so sweet you want to help you’re baby sister!  What a nice big brother you are!  Unfortunately, you can’t feed her because you don’t have any milk for her.  You only have milk in your body if you have a baby.
Toad: Well, I do have a baby!! Look!! She’s right there!!

Kid Conversation, bedtime prayers

Every night before the kids go to bed, we have family bedtime prayer.  Since we now have 7 people in our family, we have one person for each day of the week!  Each day before our prayer, everyone gets to take their turn saying what they are grateful for and one thing they love about the family member whose turn it is.  When it’s my day, the kids usually say I’m good at cooking or they like that I made baby Rose. Toad usually has the most things he is grateful for, one of them being that he knows everything. One day, Toad started switching it up...

Jay: and what are you grateful for, Toad?
Toad: I’m grateful for...  that I know everything... about The Frog... that’s creepy.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Kid conversation

Me: [to the kids at breakfast after a particularly contentious morning] “I want to live in a house where everyone is kind all the time and I think if you guys gave it a shot, you’d all like it too.”
Toad: “I hate shots!”