Monday, October 19, 2015

Kid Conversation

So, I'm realizing it has been so long since I've written that I haven't even mentioned we have another foreign exchange student living with us!  This is important because she takes part in this kid conversation.  Her name is Monica and she will be with us, attending the local high school, for the duration of the school year.  She hails from Bolivia :)

Now to set the stage, we were having Family Home Evening - one of our more fun lessons.  I read them the story of the Tower of Babel from the Old Testament Stories book while we ate dinner and then we made towers out of marshmallows and toothpicks - racing against the clock to see who could build the tallest one.  Then we were joking about all speaking in a different language to make it feel more authentic.

The Frog: yeah, I can speak like, "si, si!"
Peach: Yeah!!  And I can talk like Dora!  "Hola!"
Monica: Ok, I'll speak Portuguese
Me: Ok, I'll speak in Hungarian, and Jay, you can speak Japanese
Peach: "Hola!!"
Hazel:  I'll talk like a puppy!

Kid Conversation

We read the scriptures as a family every morning.  It would be kind of entertaining, if I could just remove myself from the pain of getting everyone to cooperate.  The Frog reads really fast and really quiet, so it's hard to understand him.  Peach sounds out every word with painstaking care.  Hazel just repeats what I say.  We just finished reading the New Testament Stories and decided to tackle the "real thing", especially since The Frog will have the opportunity to decide if he wants to be baptized once he turns 8 (in less than 1 year). We think it is important that he actually read the Book of Mormon for himself to help him make a decision.

Anyway, time for the funny part.  (In case you care, we are reading 1 Nephi chapter 3 verse 3)

Me: For behold,
Hazel: Fowah behold,
Me: Laban hath the record
Hazel: Laban hath the wehcoad
Me: of the Jews
Hazel: Hey!  Like Apple Juice!