Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mac now, More later

Ah! It's been so long!  I have a problem (which is probably the biggest reason why I've never been a consistent journaler) where I hate to sit down and recall the most recent happenings, unless I'm completely caught up with everything that has happened before that.  Since a lot has happened in the last month, and it happened while I was away from home, I have a lot to recount and didn't really do much upkeep during that time.  I have several blog topics milling around in my head that I would like to produce, but not enough time right now to do a decent job of any of them.  

SO hang in there, they're coming soon.

Before I go, just wanted to update any interested folk on the progress of my macaroni search- right now I have before me 12 cookbooks that all contain recipes for macaroni and cheese.  I am planning to read them all and do a bit of comparison to find out what it is that people think should be in good mac 'n cheese.  Once I'm satisfied that I have a good understanding, I will then choose a few recipes to try over the next few weeks.  (Since I'm pregnant, I have a pretty low tolerance for repeated meals, otherwise I would just make all of them in a row.)  If you wish for your favorite recipe to be in the running, act now or forever hold your peace.

In the mean time, you might check this out.

Here goes!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm Married to a Doctor...

but not the kind that helps people ;)

Jay officially defended his thesis yesterday and after an hour of public presentation with questions, 40 minutes of grueling interrogation by Brown's computer science department, and then 20 agonizing minutes of waiting to for them to come to a decision, they decided to let him pass :)  

Brown's CS department has a funny tradition of chucking a rubber chicken at the new PhD grad and so we thought we should take a pic with him.  (He's poking up behind us)  He's been appropriately name Coq, after the COQ theorem prover that Jay used pretty extensively for his work.

Congrats Jay!!  I'm so proud of you!