Thursday, February 24, 2011

6 Month Peach!

I can't believe Peach has made it to her very first, half-birthday! She has accomplished quite a lot in the last 6 months! (most of those things, in the last 2...) This post is mostly for me, so I can remember all the cute little things she used to do.

As you can see, she is a pro at tummy time, and can easily roll from tummy to back. (Though still hasn't mastered the other way around).
She has been eating solids for just over a month and regularly indulges on baby rice, butternut squash, carrots, peas, red bell pepper, avocado, apple, banana, cauliflower, prunes and nectarine. While eating, she most enjoys snacking on her fingers, toes and bib; is known for her iron grip on the spoon, and often practices her melodious tuba playing.
Indeed, she is quite the musician. She is also practicing numerous Soprano solos, some of which have parts so high only dogs can hear them. Her favorite time to practice these is during diaper changes. When her vocal chords feel strained, she takes a break and sucks on the toes of her left foot.
Her first tooth popped out at 5 1/2 months, and today the second one is barely emerging. (you can kind of see the first one in this picture above.) I know nothing about babies, so I can only judge her exceptional qualities (I think EVERYTHING about her is exceptional, obviously) based on how other people typically comment-- big blue eyes, tall, skinny, long fingers and toes. She also has the softest, squishiest cheeks ever. (I think all her tuba playing maybe inspired by all the cheek raspberries she gets from me. She probably thinks it's normal for people to communicate in this way.)
She is a great sleeper, as long as she can sleep in her bed, and has sucked her thumb from day one. I think it's very cute when she and her brother are together and both sucking away. (good thing we've started saving for braces...). She has an amazing ability to only sleep in her car seat while the car is on and moving; the minute the destination is reached, she instantly wakes up. She is also good at tricking you into thinking she's sleeping in her car seat (covered with a blanket) but then when you peek in to see if she is, she'll give you the cutest sly grin (with a thumb in her mouth...) as if she knows you've been fooled. She is very stealthy in her crib as well. You have to listen very carefully to the monitor to know when she's awake, because she'll usually just play quietly in her crib until you come get her. She is never in the position you left her in, though I have yet to witness how she manages any of these positions. We often discover her happily hiding with things covering her head.
She is so sweet and good-natured and very willing to play by herself, which her mother appreciates very very much. She loves her excersaucer, and still tolerates the swing when she must. The Bumbo, however, she can escape and it usually just makes her throw up when she sits in it. She has become very alert and interested in the world, during this past month, and now it is nearly impossible to nurse her within 30 feet of anything remotely interesting- particularly noises coming from daddy or The Frog. She is an expert back-archer and will not be forced to be put anywhere she doesn't want to be put. Sometimes I think she prefers to look at the world up-side down.

She is also very strong and good at pulling into a standing position holding only my fingers. Whenever I try to get her to sit up, she just flops forward and sucks on her toes until she tips over. She likes to lie on your lap on her tummy with her face away from you so she can give you wet puddles over the knees of your pants. It's easy to tell when she wants to put something in her mouth, because she opens it wide way in advance.

She loves watching The Frog and tolerates a lot of playful battering. I plan to sign her up for self-defense classes as soon as she can walk and understand basic English. Once she gets that down, The Frog and Peach are going to be ballroom partners :)

We feel so lucky to have Peach in our family. It's so fun watching her grow and noticing the similarities and differences from her brother. I just hope I can help her recognize her intrinsic great worth, and how much we cherish her. She is such a pick-me-up on my hardest days (which seem to be every day lately... ) and I am so grateful for her ability to part the clouds. We love our little Peach!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kid Conversation

Exhibit A-
The setting: Last night. 2am. This is the SIXTH time The Frog has woken me up during the last 2 hours so that I could "help him put his covers back on". Caution: this conversation does not show my best side.

The Frog: (yelling) Moooooom! Mooooooom!
Me: (groggy and frustrated) What?!
The Frog: (cheerfully) can you help me put my covers back on?
Me: No. I can't. You can't keep waking me up for this! I'm exhausted! PLEASE just do it yourself. You are big enough. I KNOW you can do it.
The Frog: I can't.
Me: Yes, you can. Here, I'll sit here in the hall and watch you, but I am NOT going in there and doing it again.
The Frog: Boys can't do that, mom. Boy's can't do it!
Me: (nostrils flaring) Yes. They can. Daddy does it. You can do it too.
The Frog: Some people don't want to do it.
Me: You're right! This includes ME. I don't want to do it. So PLEASE, just go get back in bed and put your covers on.
The Frog: But I want YOU to do it.
Me: (whiny and pathetic) Well, I don't WANT to do it. I want to go to SLEEP! I'm SOOOO tired! It's not fair for you to wake me up every time you want your covers back on!
The Frog: How about ONE MORE TIME. Is that a deal?
Me: (HUGE sigh). FINE. But I'm not coming in here again tonight. Do you understand?
The Frog: (giggling and cheerful) oookaaaaaay.

I guess we can see who won there, eh? He did wake up again, though, and call for Daddy. Daddy never gets up though and The Frog eventually retired.

Exhibit B-
The setting: I have just put The Frog down for a nap. He is quiet. I think I have been successful. And then I hear tromping down the hall. I go up to investigate.

The Frog: it's weird mom. It's too weird in there.
Me: What?
The Frog: (pointing to his room) my room is too weird. (shaking head) I just can't sleep in there!

I want you to know that I won this one. He did eventually go back to sleep.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Kid Conversation

We're reading Richard Scary's "What Do People Do All Day" and the text prompts you to ask what daddy does, what mommy does, and what your child does all day...

Me: What does Daddy do all day?
The Frog: He types.
Me: Oh! Yes, he does type. What does Mommy do? What do I do all day?
The Frog: Mommy leaves. She leaves.
Me: I leave? (glad this conversation isn't happening with a social worker....) Where do I go?
The Frog: To the hospital.
Me: Oh.
The Frog: Yeah, she goes to the hospital. *pause* (very enthusiastically) In a RACECAR!!!
Me: Oh really? Wow. My life is very exciting! What do you do all day?
The Frog: Dance. I dance.
Me: You dance, huh?
The Frog: Yeah, I a ballerina.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Handy Man

oops. I just noticed that I had intended to put this photo up weeks ago. The Frog really loves it when I take on a project that requires any kinds of tools, and I think this is his favorite one.

Hopefully this is a good sign that I'll be able to enlist his help in the future (unlike Jay the that's-why-I-make-money-so-we-can-pay-other-people-to-do-simple-things man).

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I admit it. I really love shoes. And I really REALLY love cheap shoes. I know I shouldn't. I'll probably have major foot problems when I'm old, but wearing a pair of cute, cheap shoes is somehow more satisfying than wearing cute expensive ones... (unless, of course, you didn't pay full-price for the expensive ones. This is actually the best case scenario).

Lately, I'm loving baby shoes. BUT I haven't bought any because, well, baby's don't really NEED shoes. In fact, it's probably better for them NOT to wear shoes. But I confess, for some reason, it makes me feel that much more proud/accomplished/giddy when my darling Peach ends up with some awesome foot-covers. ('cause, that's really what they are at this point.) Luckily, I inherited some super cute ones from relatives, so I haven't had to buy any to get the most out of my treat-my-baby-girl-like-a-paper-doll needs. BUT, I went to Savers tonight, looking for a hodge-podge of random things (picture frames, lamp shades, plates...). Didn't find anything I came for, BUT I did stumble upon these:

I have no idea what size they are, because they have European sizing (**correction, I just did a bit of googling and discovered they are baby size 6. I love the interwebs!) but I am SO excited for Peach to grow into them. Sure, I'll need to get laces, but for $2.79, that is JUST fine with me.

I then went to nearby Target to find some more hodge podge of housey things, and I remembered that I've been looking for some dressy brown flats for FOR-E-VER. I perused. Had no luck with the brown flats, BUT I did find these:
Normally I wouldn't buy shoes from anywhere unless they were on sale- yes, even Target (now you know how cheap I am...) but for $12, I completely didn't mind. I never get to go shoe shopping (or really any me-shopping) anymore unless I got out at night by myself, and sacrifice time with Jay, so I thought I could "splurge" just this once.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Most of our house is basically put back together, except my craft room- which has become the "I'm not sure whether or not we should keep this or we haven't been able to re-organize the home of these objects yet so i'll just put it in here" room. It's a mess!! As a result, I have done no sewing, and I REALLY want to get my kitchen bench covers recovered soon, so I've slowly been finding homes/throwing things away/selling things on classifieds, and I'm starting to see surfaces again. I stumbled upon a nearly finished project I started months ago, but it got buried amid the flood rubble until now. It seriously took my 5 minutes to finish these baby legs:They were SOOO easy to make! I just bought some women's knee-high socks on clearance at Target, and cut off the toe and heel. (I also cut a bit more off the tall sock portion because I had intended these to be a bit smaller for my smaller baby- all her other baby legs are suuuuper long. Unfortunately, it took me so long to finish them, they're nearly too short now.) I made the little "cuff" at the bottom by taking the part of the sock that goes around the arch of the foot, folding it in half, and then just seemed it to the bottom of the unfinished edge from the tall part of the sock. (now I know why tutorials usually include a billion pictures. That probably made it sound really complicated.) If I had a surger, I wouldn't need to finish that edge, but something needs to happen to keep it from unravelling. Anyway, I think they turned out way cute! And they were less than $2!

I recently realized that I don't take as many pictures of the kiddos lately because when I'm behind the camera, I can't do damage control (which means Peach will end up with red marks, usually on her face, and crying). However, every so often, the nap/eating schedules coincide just so, so that both are happy and content at the same time, and The Frog is unbearably cute to his baby sister.

Warning: the rest of this post has waay too many photos.

This is The Frog happily playing with his Ikea trains (I LOVE these. oh yeah, and he does too...) when he noticed me taking pictures of Peach's new baby leg warmers. Wanting an excuse to be in on the action, he decides that it is high time she learn how to play the harmonica. (I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but The Frog is quite the accomplished harmonica player.)
He started out by demonstrating its use, but I was too slow with the camera. Notice her undivided attention to her harmonica tutor. Now it's her turn.
Unfortunately, she can't quite reach it. I'm surprised she didn't just attack it with her mouth, which is habit she has.
Both are getting a bit frustrated, so The Frog tries a different approach.
Quickly realizing his efforts are futile, he decides to move on to something else. He continues to inform me of all the toys we have that Peach likes, and doesn't like. (He seems to know a lot about what everyone likes/needs/wants/doesn't want these days. Luckily, Peach never seems to want anything The Frog wants, even when she seems to be contentedly playing with it...) So he brings her some toys to play with.
Thinking she might want a few more options, he starts to empty our toy shelves so she can have everything at her fingertips.
Peach finally settles on an old favorite: