Friday, February 27, 2015


Hazel has been talking really well since we moved to New York, and I just realized today that I haven't been documenting her speech very well... (oh wait.  I haven't been documenting anything....) which really doesn't matter, except The Frog loves it when I tell him the funny ways he used to say things, and I know I'm not going to remember if I don't write some of them down.

When I started trying to write this post, I couldn't think of anything she says incorrectly because, in my mind, she has been completely fluent in English since she was 2.  After trying harder to pay more attention, I realized how wrong I was... Really, I've just become fluent in toddler and I hardly notice it now.  So here are some of my Hazel-speak favorites:

mish-a-low = marshmallow
hippo. pawmus = hippopotamus
mato = tomato
atten = pretend
can I do game? = can I either use a kid app or send jibberish texts to your friends?
duff = stuff
seeyol = cereal  (this is often one of the first things I hear from her every day.  "mama, I wan some seeyol. pweeeeez.")
poon = spoon
pah-koo = sparkles
packpack = backpack
pwentzo = pretzel
pah-koles = sparkles
peshel = special
pie-yip = pirate (and when she's being a pie-yip, she walks around saying "aw" instead of "arrrr")

I will probably add more as I notice them...

Also, Hazel has learned to be emphatic when she is especially adamant about something she is saying- her favorite being to scrunch up her face and emphatically say "NOTHING!!"
As in
me: Do you want to nap in your big girl bed or your crib?
Hazel: NOTHING!!

She also knows that zero is nothing, and is pleased to tell you when she notices an "O" or a "0".

Also, I'm amazed to say that she already recognizes all the letters in the alphabet (at least the capitals) and I swear I didn't teach her a thing.  She is also the one most excited about homeschooling - probably because she wants to do whatever her siblings are doing.  Even though we didn't start anything with the others until they turned 3, we have a mini routine we do with her to keep her happy - which is how I discovered she already knows the alphabet!

Jay's mom gave Hazel a baby Cinderella last Summer, and back then she called it "baby Lala".  She now can say "Cinella" but we still call the baby "Lala".  She decided to get another one with some Valentine's money from Nanie and so now she has a "baby Lala" and a "baby Wawa" (Aurora) which I constantly confuse with what babies refer to for "water" and she's always getting mad at me about the misunderstanding.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kid Conversation

Hazel was clearly doing something very important with her head just underneath the curtains above when I came and interrupted her to inquire about a smell.

Me: Are you poopy?
Hazel: I not.  I jus cwean ah da time. (I'm just clean all the time)

Sunday, February 22, 2015


The Frog is notorious for leaving fake bugs in unsuspecting locations, intended for me to discover.  Indeed, I have been showering with a gigantic plastic spider for at least a week...  I can't bring myself to throw it out because it half makes me smile and half freaks me out.

Though I love the explosion of his awesome laughter (people always tell me he has the cutest laugh) when I feign a scream after finding his hidden token of "love", I must say my favorite part is watching his attempted stifling of giggles in anticipation of my demise.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kid Conversation

Peach and were in the bathroom, me helping her change from her ballet clothes into a regular outfit.

Peach: Mom, pretend like we're in jail.
Me: (growly voice)  Let's bust out of this joint!
Peach: (growly voice) Yeah!
Me: (thinking I didn't want to teach her how to be a bad guy...)  Maybe we should try to be good guys now so we don't have to go back to jail.
Peach: Ok.
Me: But, what should we do so everybody will know we're good guys now?
Peach:  I know!  Maybe, we could go to a restaurant and when we're all done, we could say "thank you!", then people would know we're good guys!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kid Conversation

Hazel is becoming a professional staller at naptime (and has been getting away with no naps sometimes too.  Noooooooooo) and has learned the whole, "I need a drink", "I need another song", "I need...."  routine.  One time even claiming she had glass in her foot (a glass was broken earlier that day  in the kitchen and I made everyone get out while I cleaned it up so they wouldn't cut their feet) and needed a bandaid.  Upon closer inspection, and after her pointing out the "wound" that was mysteriously moving around her foot, I realized she was more clever than I had supposed.

Another time, when she could see I was about to leave her for her nap, she requested her "miwk" (milk) and then after taking a sip she decided:

"I don't wan my miwk.  I get cabbadies. (cavaties)  I wan my wadah. (water)"

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Kid Conversation

Hazel has perfectionist tendencies, which is mostly nice because she loves to help me sweep the floor and closes cupboard doors and drawers left open, but the other day when she cried for at least 10 minutes because she couldn't get the cupboard to close all the way (because the garbage was poking out a bit too far) and then when I moved the garbage, she noticed that it still remains about 1/8" open, boy was she mad.  It took me a long time to explain to her that the cupboards are just old and broken and that's just the way it is.  And she still cried.

Here's another kid convo that was sprung because of other siblings messing with our system of organization...
Hazel: (pointing at the offending pair of scissors mixed in with the crayons) Who did that?
Me: I don't know.
Hazel: Mom.  Who did that?
Me: I really don't know. I wish I did.
Hazel:  Jus tell me.  You can trus me.