Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Rest assured, friends, that my latest absence has been due to immense relaxation in uber-snowy Northern Mass with Jay's family. It's been most fabulous!! We've spent our days reading, watching movies, playing with li'l sis and numbing our minds with Wii games (and by the way, our 5-year old competitor kicks major booty at bowling) and I've even managed to squeeze in a little time to cook and work on my quilt that I started forever ago. Bliss!!

Knowing myself all too well, I thought it best to "personally" wish each of you a very Merry Christmas now, so that I don't forget (like I did on Thanksgiving) even though I have a hard time believing that our Savior was even born during this time of year. Funny that us Mormons seem to give in to all the hype and Pagan traditions, even though we believe Jesus was more likely to be born around Roman tax season-- April 6th-ish. However, you will never hear any complaints from me, I just love Christmas!

Thought it might be notable to mention some other major major historical events that just happen to have happened today- it is Joseph Smith's birthday and even more importantly it is Jay's half birthday! So I think between wanting to remember Christ's birth (though not at the right time of year) and these other two very important events, it is a great time to celebrate :) So

a) Happy un-birthday Jesus
2) Happy birthday Joseph
d) Happy half-birthday Jay
Merry Christmas to the rest of you :) May your season be full of pajamas, delicious food, and fun company.

PS even if you're Jewish or a Jehovah's Witness or anyone else that doesn't celebrate Christmas, I don't see why you couldn't also have a Merry December 25th. God Bless and eat up :D
PSS if you noticed the Christmas movie referenced in this post, and can name which one, you get a gold star at the top of your tree.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Happy twelfth day of the twelfth month! And for all you 12 days of Christmas do-ers, tomorrow is the first! (or is it the twelfth... does it count up or down?) Recently I've had a great desire to do the twelve days of Christmas for someone, but I've never lived in the same place for all 12 days of Christmas since leaving for college 5 (woah!) Christmases ago... perhaps next year I'll be more stationary.

Anyway, I took my last final today and now have to finish up a project due tomorrow. 10 pages isn't so bad when you can include all kinds of Matlab figures, right? After turning it in, my next project will be to pack up my life, again, and maybe get in some Christmas shopping before I leave for Mass on Saturday morning, although I really doubt it. But most importantly, Saturday ends my time away from Jay, and we'll finally be living together- forever :)

PS I've always really liked the number 12. It's divisible by 1,2,3, & 4, which is cool, and if you were to go to an amusement park with a group, I think this is the best size of crowd, because you could evenly be divided for seating on pretty much any ride.

Monday, December 10, 2007

One Final Blurb Before Finals are Final (Finally!!)

I must write today because I know there will be little time until my finals are in fact that- final.

For those of you who knew of my insane schedule as of late, this weekend ended up in overall success! Yesterday, my ward had their Christmas party and since I'm a newbie in the ward and only will be around until March, they saw it fit to put me on a committee that I did not know existed beyond singles' wards- (where there are more people than callings with the absence of the youth, primary, and nursery programs, but I digress...) the ward activities committee.

I'm still amazed at how every time we thought we were out of food, another person would show up late with another lasagna to put out on the table. (which reminds me... I wonder how mine tasted...) And even though after all were fed and ready for dessert, all except the committee who were cleaning in the kitchen and replenishing said food, we (at least I) had begun to stare at the left-over rolls, wondering how many we would need to get full... when magically, one more lasagna appeared- thank goodness for MST! (Mormon Standard Time- i.e. late). Looks like we got our own little Christmas miracle ;)

The musical number (What Child Is This for a 4-part female harmony) I put together also went fairly well, I'm so proud of us and our mere 3 practices! Though I must admit that it's always the primary kids who make the evening! I just love seeing them in their white sheets and tinseled heads and love to ponder on what they're staring at over there. One of the Peery daughters was waving her hand around to match the chorister, and with great deliberation, I might add.

Tonight was the stake performance of "The Heritage of Christmas" concert with a bell choir, yet another primary showing, and my choir (The Menlo Park Stake Choir) did a number of pieces- some with audience participation. I just love the spirit that dwells in a room with songs of such praise. Truly "the song of the heart is like a prayer unto me" and I'm so glad because I much prefer singing and playing piano to voicing my thoughts in prayer. I just usually don't feel like I'm capable of expressing myself as well as poets and composers.

Okay, okay, I wasn't going to mention anything, but I just had to note the other best thing about sitting in the choir seats- looking at peoples' faces while they're watching other performances. I had picked out two particular people that just made me laugh every time my eyes passed their position. One guy, I couldn't tell if he was angry or just soooooo completely and unbelievably bored that he thought his life might be over at any minute. His wife played the harp for one of the children's numbers, so it's clear that he was under obligation to be there. Perhaps he was enjoying himself though, who knows...

One final diddy- perhaps it is against my best interest to share this, but I am just so amazed by the absurdity of my action today, that I feel it may give some delight. Today, while making French toast for linner (that's what you eat when church is from 1-4 and you sleep in, eating breakfast at about 10:30) I was talking to Jay on the phone and- maybe because I was listening and should have been paying attention, maybe because my brain is fried from all the bustle and cramming- I, for some reason, cracked one egg right into the garbage can.
Tap tap on the bowl, and plop into the trash.
Just like that.
I then nearly threw my shell into my bowl but realized my mistake and promptly rolled into laughter. Oh well, I needed to get rid of them all by Friday anyway, right?

Well, I'm off to bed to prepare for a long week of tests, late-nights, packed boxes, cheat sheets and LaTeX. Wish me luck!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Not much time in the bustle but

Today I invented (as far as I know) an emoticon- one of my goals since leaving the womb. (or at least entering the world of online chat) Now, I must verify that it is widely recognizable. What do you think it is?

hint: think Christmasy

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Inventory/Invent-ary Chef

Well friends, it's official. I'm moving next quarter into "couples" housing on campus with Jay. Because of that and the fact that I'm leaving next Saturday, for three weeks, means I'm trying to eat everything I have and only everything I have, so as to minimize the amount of things that can go bad and the amount of things I'll have to transport to my new place.

Needless to say, this has left me with some pretty interesting meals. Probably the best was tonight's dinner: a tortilla (now I have only one left) the other half of my fritata I made yesterday (using my last two eggs, half of my last onion, and my last potato), with a large squirt of ketchup (I have no idea why I bought this, I swear this is probably the second time I've used it this fall) and half a can of corn. It's quite an adventure, really. I'd even say it's one of my newest most favoritest game. Really, it's an optimization problem... which reminds me... back to work!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Deeper curse than perfectionism

In case you haven't noticed, it's been nearly a month-wait! let's not be so negative- it's been 3 weeks since my last post. We all know that I have excellent excuses that have been milling around in my head about how intensely busy I've been, or about how when I'm finally with my husband I just can't stand to break away from basking in the beautiousness of being in the same room, no, state, no, even time-zone as he is in, that I might be commiserated with. Somehow I don't really feel like excusing myself anymore because I've recently realized something so blaring about my personality that I am completely shocked and appalled that I have never voiced it before. So let's cut to the chase.

Hi, my name is Libby, and I am an all or nothing person. Shall I explain?

I finally understand why though I need order and cleanliness to feel like there is joy in the world, my room manages to get disorderly. Why I've been so bad at journal writing my entire life. I never really knew what one was supposed to write in their journal, so succumbed to describing everyday life. The problem with this is that I never (ok, not NEVER, but almost never) wrote in my journal daily. This is a problem because every time I went to write in my journal, I felt this need to get "everyone" (who ever that is) caught up on all the goings on for the past while (usually year) since I've written. I knew this would take forever, and I just never have enough time to do all that catching up- forever is quite a long time, you see. This blog has been very nice for me because I have felt no pressure to keep people up-to-date on my life, and therefore, I even considered a few quick blips after the long pause, with no acknowledgment of my absence at all. You can see, though, that I gave in.

Now I can rest at peace when I just don't want to organize my closet, or fridge, or bathroom cabinet, because I know that if I do it, I'm going to do it "right"- take everything out, wipe everything down inside and out, mend/build shelves and/or paint walls and/or vacuum, and then carefully and deliberately place everything in its own special nook until... several hours later... am satisfied by its perfection- and that's just going to take more time than I have right now. Perfectionist? Yes, I have always been aware of this curse, but this "all-or-nothingness" realization has brought my neurosis to a new, more manageable level. I feel more at one with myself knowing that having finally discovered the exact problem, I may be able to figure out some way of mastering this peculiarity. Now I can begin the long journey of overcoming me by making conscious efforts to discard my binary approach to task completion, and break things into "some"s and "bit"s.

For my first feat, I will attempt to clean the bathroom sink and only the sink (without a net). A difficult thing for me, for sure. The spotted mirrors cry out while the grimy grout in my shower calls to me each morning- yet noises have been subconsciously muted and neglect prevailed, waiting for enough time to allow me to conquer the whole. Then, perhaps, the next day I may just wipe away the dots in my reflectionary device, and stop there.

Tomorrow, I stop after a piece,
and I gain peace of mind.