Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"Daddy, fix it!"

This year for Christmas, we decided to go minimal in the "stuff" and try to give everyone experiences instead.  I confess, they did each get pajamas and one activity (The Frog got a game, Peach a make-your-own lotions/soaps/chapstick kit, and Hazel got some cute pots and pans for her kitchen- mostly so she'd stop stealing mine) and an experience.  Really, the experiences were intended to be for the whole family.  Hazel got to pick a movie for everyone to go to together, Peach's was for everyone to go to Fun World- a local arcade-ish kind of place where you get tickets (We NEVER let them do those kinds of things.  I loath the junk "prizes" they can earn...) and The Frog got a family trip to The Great Wolf Lodge.
We were so busy having fun, this is one of the only pictures we took while we were there- the kids are warming up on the heater, in their swim suits, while we read scriptures that morning before going swimming :) (edit!  I found more pictures on my camera!!  I'm adding them below! :D)
The kids got to sleep in their own log-cabin-looking room with 3 beds and a (oh wow!) TV!

Now, my kids have no experience with TV because we have never had normal TV since we've been married.  We do own a TV, but only for playing video games and watching movies.  The kids watch shows using our Amazon Prime membership on their iPads, so having a TV with a remote!! was super exciting for them.  They chose the Disney channel.

After about 30 minutes of watching TV Peach comes over to Jay and I.

Me: "Are you done watching TV already?  I would have thought you'd be happy doing that all day!"
Peach: [whining] "It's so annoying! They keep showing these things that have nothing to do with the story!"
Jay & I start laughing
Jay: "Those are advertisements.  That's one of the reasons why we don't watch TV at our house."
Peach: "Daddy, fix it!!"

Friday, February 10, 2017

Obscuse Me

I was reading a book to Hazel a couple weeks ago (it's basically understood that that is what we do together while I'm nursing Toad) and after reading the word "pure" she interrupted me to correct my pronunciation.

Hazel: "Mom, didn't you mean to say 'pyour'?  It's 'pyour' not 'pyer'."

I took every ounce of my being not to point out to her that she says, "obshausted", "obsperiment", "obspecially" and "obscuse me" instead of "exhausted", "experiment", "especially" and "excuse me" in retaliation.  But then I remembered how cute it is and decided it was for the best.

How long do you think I can get her to keep it up?

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Kid Conversation

Hazel:  Mom, guess what!? (yanking on the skin under one eye and smiling) I have no idea how I move my eyeballs...

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

McCarthy 4.0

Announcing McCarthy version 4.0:

Born 11/25/16 3:19 AM
7 lbs. 7 oz.
21" long (although this is debatable...)

Me and the shiny new babe

Daddy and "mini me"

Big sisters

Peach is thrilled!

He is much loved by all- the girls are constantly making up excuses to sneak peak at him while he sleeps and argue about who gets to hold him next.  The Frog, at first a bit more nervous about holding him for extended periods (and I don't get the feeling it's because The Frog always seems to be the one who gets spit up upon), does enjoy Toad's funny baby facial expressions (there are so many!) and likes to pretend he's getting punched across the room by Toad's wild arm movements.  I think the most endearing act of love is that The Frog put his favorite stuffed animal in Toad's crib when we got home from the hospital, and it is still there.  The Frog is now as obsessed with getting in his cuddle-time.
Cousins Came to Visit
Cousins came to visit

Auntie saved me from horrible hospital food

Toad is so far a pretty good baby- I won't say he's the easiest or the hardest.  His schedule is still, well, not really any kind of schedule yet, but I am getting *some* sleep, *most* nights- which is an improvement because when he was born he would have wakeful moments at about 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the morning.

I knew babies were a lot of work when I signed up for this, but I did kind of forget...  I would be lying if I didn't say I was relishing every moment, however.  Hazel used to seem so small, but now she's practically a giant by comparison, and I remember feeling the same way about Peach when Hazel was born.  They really do get big sooo fast, and I'm determined to enjoy every squiggley, fuzzy, squishy, twitchy, hiccupy, spit-uppy moment.

As far as pregnancies go, it was better than the last one.  Or maybe it wasn't...  but I was expecting it to be worse, and it wasn't!  So in my mind, it was better :)  It was nice not having 2 toddlers to pick up after and no diapers to change.  My hips hurt much much more at night this time around, though.

Labor was by far the shortest, and I think it's because it was the first time when my water broke before I started having contractions.  If you're not a fan of birth stories, go ahead and skip the next couple of paragraphs :D

I told Toad that he either needed to come by Monday before Thanksgiving, or wait until after Thanksgiving because I was NOT going to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital.  He obediently obliged and my water broke at about 11:45 PM- after Thanksgiving dinner.  Luckily, I was sleeping on a towel, and being paranoid about ruining my mattress, I got out of bed as fast as a beached walrus could muster.  No contractions yet, so I decided to take a shower, as per tradition.  (After #1, I learned to always shower before going to the hospital because I feel too light headed for the next couple of days to do it and let's just say, I'm not the kind of person who can hide how long it's been since they've bathed...)  Contractions started at 2.5 minutes apart while I was showering.  We texted Jay's mom (the saint had just hosted Thanksgiving and, we found out later, was coming down with something!!  We <3 12:30="" 3="" again="" and="" at="" away.="" came="" do="" don="" great="" hair="" happen="" i="" in="" knows="" look="" made="" morning.="" my="" nbsp="" over="" p="" pam="" promise="" right="" she="" shortly.="" since="" so="" sure="" t="" that="" the="" this="" to="" usually="" when="" who="" will="" you="">
We got to the hospital at about 1 AM, dilated to 5cm.  This was my best labor, I think, because I finally found a way to be comfortable while lying down!  They had this awesome peanut thing that I put between my knees to help support my hips while I laid down on my side (I would have slept with that thing every night if I had known it existed!  Wicked hip pain this pregnancy).  It was the most relaxed I've ever been during labor.  Once again, he was caught by the nurse (even though I warned her that once I was ready to push, he'd be out).  It was the most painful one I remember, but usually it takes a couple pushes and this time it was just one really prolonged one.  I remember, at least with Hazel, pushing once, feeling like there was a rock (her head) in my birth canal but feeling no pain until she actually emerged.  This time, he must have been at a weird angle or something because it was so uncomfortable! I just had to get him out!
I'm awake, I promise...


Ok!  I've sat down to work on this over a dozen times and keep getting interrupted!  No idea what I was about to say.  I better quit while I'm ahead :)