Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

I can't believe how busy life is with homeschooling!  I am so behind on updating the blog.  I suppose I should have known... but really!!

The Frog has joined the Tiger Cub Scouts, which he loves.  He just earned his Bobcat badge and really liked touring the local firehouse.  He loves to read picture books out loud to himself every night.  His favorite things to do are put together large lego sets at Gampie's house and play Minecraft :)

Peach got glasses!  She looks adorable and sees better too :)  She loves playing pretend and incorporating characters from the latest books we are reading into her play (right now, Pippi Longstocking). Lately, she loves to show off her dance moves to whoever will watch- particularly ballet and Irish step-dancing.

Hazel really wants to be a part of all the homeschooling and requests that we teach her the alphabet (which she almost knows completely now).  She also brings me my phone to punch in the code so she can "do game".  She knows how to navigate my phone and find all the activities she likes on it by herself!  She especially likes watching home movies (particularly of herself).

Jay has had long days this semester with a late-night class twice a week, but next semester he should be home more, for which we are all grateful.  He loves the students and the beautiful Vassar campus.  (our photos below were taken there) He is a programming monkey and has been doing some fun, innovative stuff, particularly with music:  he wrote an 80s style synthesizer, and a program that writes musical scores.  Every time I turn around, it seems like he's proved a new theorem.  We are all very proud of him and how hard he works for our family.  I am especially grateful for how much cleaning slack he has taken over with my lack of time due to homeschooling.

Aside from school for the kids, I have been keeping busy playing the piano for the ward choir, and the primary, and helping out in the Relief Society here in our new ward.  I'm feeling blessed to have nice neighbors with kids similar ages to our own.

Moving has been a big adjustment for everyone, but I feel so blessed that the children have adjusted better than I expected.  It has been hard, but already I have learned a lot and grown from the difficulties.  Since we are renting, we know moving is eminent and I feel it will be much easier next time.

We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Homeschooling is hard.

Being a mom of 3 little ones is hard, but also homeschooling just really puts the pressure on for me.

I feel like I get nothing done and most days we don't finish everything I wanted to get through with either The Frog or Peach.

Today, I decided to write down all the interruptions to remind me why I don't get everything done.

It really made me feel better.

wanna see?

- Hazel brings me a toy with peanut butter on it for me to clean off so she can play with it

- Hazel brings me a bag with an old, post-frozen strawberry in it, which I soon discover has been smeared on the play kitchen and Hazel's hand/arm

- time-outs and kindness lesson  (which is actually 2 interruptions because they must be sent into time-out and then retrieved)

- Hazel has a broken ornament and is eating its pieces.  (what the... why?!!)

- Hazel climbed on the play kitchen and couldn't get down

-removing the Legos from the shower so I can take a shower without stepping on Legos

- time - outs and kindness lesson

- Cleaning up the "snack" the kids made for themselves while I was in the shower which involves wiping the table, chairs, bench and sweeping the floor.  again.

- Lunch

- Hazel thoroughly spreading the hay meant for baby Jesus's manger and also sampling it.  (am I not feeding her enough or what?)

- kid-bum wiping (this one is an every day one.  multiple times.)

- time-outs and kindness lesson

- Prepping the lasagna for the missionaries

- Furnace guy comes over to do a regular check-up on the furnace

- Landlord comes by to watch the furnace guy

- We decide to move our furniture around so that The Frog and Peach no longer have to share a room, in hopes of them getting a decent amount of sleep and being less cranky.  ALL. THE. TIME.

and those are just the ones I remember...

Monday, December 8, 2014

Kid Conversation

I had brought everyone inside from the car after running errands and Peach sits in the back and can't unbuckle herself, so she usually gets upset at being last all the time.  So I'm rushing out there expecting to encounter her wrath.  I look at her and she is balled up in her seat, hiding under her blankey.

Peach:  (removing her blanket, very calmly and matter-of-factly) Mom.  Did you know that when you're standing on the grass, you're standing on worms?