Saturday, May 9, 2009

8 Months!

The Frog is officially 8 months old!! (Why are we not this excited every time we become a month older?) I can't believe how much progress he has made in one week!

He is a full-on crawler now... no turning back. As soon as he was able to crawl anywhere he pleases (and if I'm not looking) he also stands up holding on to anything in site. Crib, bathtub, rocking chair, changing table, excersaucer, my leg, everything!

This morning, he actually managed to crawl into a box. For some reason he couldn't quite figure out how to get out. (Shouldn't it be exactly the same process?) Anyway, never fails, mom grabs the camera before helping the poor kiddo.

Since he can now stand up in his crib, we had to lower the mattress down and my back has started hurting. (I know, I know... lift with your legs...) So I decided to see if he could sit in the shopping cart all by himself this week. It was so fun to be able to see his face while I shop! I usually carry him around in my Moby so he can look around (more so than in the car seat), but this is a lot less taxing.

I can't believe how coordinated he is getting!! Pretty soon he'll be walking around **sob**

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy May!

Yay for May!

May is a hopeful month. I don't think I've ever been through an entire month of May without getting some serious sunshine, and I am enormously looking forward to it! Goodbye sweaters, hello skirts! Despite the irresponsibly late snow storms, we have managed to get a few really nice days, and the Frog looks soooo cute leading the way in the stroller.

Here's one of him wearing shorts!! Look at those little knees!

The Frog has been making huge progress lately! He is now willing to scoot/crawl pretty good distances to get things he wants and is becoming quite the explorer. Does anyone know where I can buy a hovering garbage can? I'm pretty sure we're going to need to swap out ours for a few of those to prevent the little man from ingesting any nasties. (or maybe I should say, any MORE nasties)

Speaking of ingestion, he's also proving to be a pretty good eater. He hasn't really turned his nose up to anything yet, and turns out he really likes Indian food. (Which is good because if he didn't, he would have to learn to like it.) Unfortunately, he has a bad habit of shoving WAAAY too much food in his mouth (probably he's been watching his dad too closely) and gagging until I can finger it out. I've had to restrict how much food I will leave within his reach. This morning he had pancakes for the first time, and I think it went over pretty well. (And so did my experimental swirl :D)

Note: good eater does not necessarily mean clean.

Jay invented a (I like to say) more advanced version of Peek-a-Boo where we alternate putting a burp-cloth or blanket on one of our three heads and the Frog will yank it off. The Frog will even crawl across the room to reveal the hiding head; it's too cute. However, as flirtatious as he may be, turns out The Frog is not a performer. Every time we try to get the cuteness on video he just buckles under the pressure. Guess you'll just have to come visit if you want to get the full effect :)

Finally, The Frog has been enjoying his Easter rubber ducky and likes to splash around in the tubby. I believe it's high time we posted a naked baby shot, don't you?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

BYU Women's Conference

I have been helping out with the crocheted edge baby blankets service project at BYU Women's Conference this year. It's been a great experience, but it's nice to have it all finished (as of yesterday).

It was so awesome to be surrounded by so many women, all wanting to serve and learn and try to improve their lives. What a great vibe! I just love how everyone acted like friends, no everyone was friends, even though we all had such differences- backgrounds, ages, experiences, hometowns... all so vast and varied, but we had all come together for a common cause, and that makes us sisters. So fabulous!

I was also impressed with how non-stressful the whole thing turned out to be. I tend to be a walking gray hair when I'm in charge of anything, but everyone was so friendly and non-hurried that I was completely at ease the entire time. Such a blessing!

It was really great to get to know some of the ladies in my neighborhood who were helping out with our project. Turns out that one of them, Sister S, has the coolest job ever- personal assistant to Donny Osmond. For real! According to her, he's a real dream to work with too. He's a perfect gentleman with his head screwed on straight and even opens doors and carries luggage for Sister S all the time. So nice to hear that some people can take the fame and not be annoying and big-headed about it. Particularly nice when they share your religion-- makes you think maybe it's working :)

Another woman in my neighborhood is the head of the ballet department at BYU and said she could definitely help me audit some ballet classes, sans enrolling. Shweet :)

All in all, I'd say Women's Conference was a big up for me this week, and I'm excited to be able to attend another year. Maybe next year I'll be able to go to some of the classes :D