Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The momements I've been waiting for...

Moment 1:
I finally got my cell-phone! YAY! Turns out, the PO peeps are complete... well, they's not the sharpest tools in the shed. We discovered that my phone was actually there THE WHOLE TIME. Apparently they were looking for an Elizabeth Day at 1413B. The fact that the package said Elizabeth Day McCarthy at 1413B just completely didn't register that it could possibly be the same person. Luckily, I didn't leave after they told me it wasn't there... I pushed and pushed and made them accommodate me, and... 40 minutes later, voila! A phone! I'm very proud of myself because I'm usually a complete push-over/not wanting to cause problems, but thank goodness I broke out of my shell this time. I feel like every other instance of impatience when I felt like I was dealing with incompetence (for some reason, waiting in line at WalMart and the PO seem to top the list right now) when I just kept my cool, exploded all over those poor, pathetic, postal people yesterday.

My new phone flips. I'm not sure how I feel about it... I really loved my old Nokia. I must say, though, my new phone does have a camera, which means I hope to be posting more pictures now. (My digital camera ran out of battery and I seem to have left my charger in Utah, which means I won't be taking any shap-shots on that until Thanksgiving.)

I have officially turned off my old phone, probably never to turn it on again. Not only has it provided me with instant interruption by any and all who are graced with my number, but it posed as a watch and an alarm-clock as well. Plus, having a hubby on the opposite coast lends itself to frequent calls with much longevity.

Farewell, dear phone. I only wish I had given you a name...

Moment 2:
I finally felt an earthquake!! I use to shrivel on the days of my youth when I would arrive at school and my fellow pre-teen pupils would proclaim, "Did you feel the earthquake last night? My bed moved across the room!" And I would just stare at them like, "I missed it?! How could I miss such an exciting event! The one time something cool happens to me, I totally sleep through it!" Well this time, folks, I was wide awake.

It was pretty darn awesome.

I think I may always associate eating macaroni and cheese (cheap-o version, from the box) with being in an earthquake, since both happen to me on extremely rare occasions, yet they happened today at the same time.


Lindsay B said...

Just remember...its b/c of those incompetent people that you got not only an amazing birthday gift for you, but an amazing birthday gift for ME as well!! Its all in how you look at it... :P

UsedToBeDay said...

hahaha, veeerrry true :) maybe i should have held out. think i would have received 2 phones?

Lindsay B said...

I just noticed it says "momements"