Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mac now, More later

Ah! It's been so long!  I have a problem (which is probably the biggest reason why I've never been a consistent journaler) where I hate to sit down and recall the most recent happenings, unless I'm completely caught up with everything that has happened before that.  Since a lot has happened in the last month, and it happened while I was away from home, I have a lot to recount and didn't really do much upkeep during that time.  I have several blog topics milling around in my head that I would like to produce, but not enough time right now to do a decent job of any of them.  

SO hang in there, they're coming soon.

Before I go, just wanted to update any interested folk on the progress of my macaroni search- right now I have before me 12 cookbooks that all contain recipes for macaroni and cheese.  I am planning to read them all and do a bit of comparison to find out what it is that people think should be in good mac 'n cheese.  Once I'm satisfied that I have a good understanding, I will then choose a few recipes to try over the next few weeks.  (Since I'm pregnant, I have a pretty low tolerance for repeated meals, otherwise I would just make all of them in a row.)  If you wish for your favorite recipe to be in the running, act now or forever hold your peace.

In the mean time, you might check this out.

Here goes!

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Mel said...

Yes. I have several blog topics milling around in my head, too. I'm just too lazy, or too over writing personal thoughts in a public domain, to write them. Anyway, I'm excited to hear about what you've been up to the past month. I expect a detailed report on Saturday. See you then!