Thursday, September 4, 2008

Historical Week

I should have posted several times already this week, as it is a very important week in the lives of Jay and Libby.  Why? 

Monday- Labor Day
  I always maintain a corner in my heart for Labor Day.  Not only because I've never had to "work" (i.e. go to school) on this day, and the weather is usually just how I want it, but also because I appropriately decided to put my mother in labor on Labor Day, 25 years ago.  However, my birthday only falls on Labor Day once every 11 years.  Since my birthday anniversary now coincides with my marital one, I may just adopt Labor Day as my new birthday...

September 2 (Tuesday)
  This year, this day is the two year "re-birthday" for Jay- his baptism.  He looks so young no?  (and we won't say what I look like...)

September 3rd-
  You might have guessed, but this is the day of Jay's confirmation, and I happen to have a picture of him right after church, lookin' all cute and suited up.

September 4th-
   Last year, today, was the day that we both got to go through the temple (Salt Lake) for the first time.  I'm sad to say that I have no pictures of the occasion- probably because we were feeling a bit rushed to get home and make the final preparations for...

September 5th-
  The day we got married!!  Tomorrow will be our 1-year anniversary and I can honestly say it's been the best year yet! 

I love you Jay!!  Happy Anniversary!


Lindsay B said...

Happy special week you guys!!! Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday Libby!!

Jenny Bay said...

Yay, what an exciting week/day for you guys! Happy Birthday and Anniversary!

Mel said...

Libby, where are you? I try to call to wish you a happy b-day and I get a message saying your voice mail isn't set up yet. Help a sista out! Anyway, happy birthday! I hope I get the chance to talk to you today!

What A Fantastic Fam said...

Happy Birthday and Anniversary!! I love your blog!!