Monday, March 30, 2009

Excuses Excuses

I have 4 excuses:

1) I got shingles

2) The Frog has been teething like CRAZY!

3) My shingles gave The Frog the chicken pox.

4) We got our tax return i.e. I got a piano!!

Needless to say, these things have all led to sleep deprivation. Except for number 4, which has led to lack of extra spare time. (Since all my regular spare time has been spent playing my new toy.)

So the blogs suffers.

Happily, we're getting better, and really we lucked out on all accounts. Shingles gets more severe the older you are when you catch them... as do the chicken pox. And thanks to the new teeth, The Frog is incredibly cute being able to actually bite off pieces of cracker. I expect he will have 8 (EIGHT!!!) teeth by the end of this week. (So far, 6 are poking through)

No pictures for now. Soon. Very soon.


kt said...

Actually, you don't "catch" shingles... (I had them a few years ago). They are actually a strain of chicken pox that lies dormant in a set of nerves and then is triggered by stress / low immunity. Shingles tends to recur once you get it and it also sometimes gives postsymptoms (i.e. you'll have pain shoot through your nerves from time to time, but you won't actually have shingles)

I had shingles on my left mid-back and maybe 2-3 times a year I feel some postsymptoms. They are like 1 second long. Just watch your stress levels and stay healthy!

Angelina said...

What a nightmare! I'm so sorry you had shingles and that your little one got chicken pox. Davis had shingles when we first got married and I worry about them coming back and giving our kids chicken pox. I'm happy you're doing better.