Saturday, May 9, 2009

8 Months!

The Frog is officially 8 months old!! (Why are we not this excited every time we become a month older?) I can't believe how much progress he has made in one week!

He is a full-on crawler now... no turning back. As soon as he was able to crawl anywhere he pleases (and if I'm not looking) he also stands up holding on to anything in site. Crib, bathtub, rocking chair, changing table, excersaucer, my leg, everything!

This morning, he actually managed to crawl into a box. For some reason he couldn't quite figure out how to get out. (Shouldn't it be exactly the same process?) Anyway, never fails, mom grabs the camera before helping the poor kiddo.

Since he can now stand up in his crib, we had to lower the mattress down and my back has started hurting. (I know, I know... lift with your legs...) So I decided to see if he could sit in the shopping cart all by himself this week. It was so fun to be able to see his face while I shop! I usually carry him around in my Moby so he can look around (more so than in the car seat), but this is a lot less taxing.

I can't believe how coordinated he is getting!! Pretty soon he'll be walking around **sob**


Lindsay said...

Andy and I think the tub photo is very cute. :) (well, we think all of them are very cute, but if we had to pick one on this post, it would be that one). Anyway, happy 8 months Jack!

Mama Chick said...

I love the picture of the frog in the box. Priceless in such a funny way.