Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Swimming, no pics, and no baby.

Jay took The Frog swimming twice in the last week (though I only went once and discovered a dead battery after I arrived) and he had a great time going down the huge waterslide with daddy, and finally swimming around on his own!! We have a life-vest-ish thing he wears in the pool (not quite as restraining though) and he can actually kick and doggy paddle well enough to follow Jay around!

Other than that, I'm continually planning on every day to be "the day", but so far, no baby. Were she on The Frog's timetable, we would have had her already. Needless to say, I'm muy disappointed. Looks like I'm going to have to start breaking out the spicy food and running up and down the stairs :) (haha, as if I could)


Jennie said...

You'll know you're really desperate for her to be born when you break out the castor oil. :) Hopefully it won't come to that. Good luck with the delivery!

Jared & Kat said...

You could always try the acupressure trick as well. I am hoping I can convince my little guy to come a week early. Put I guess it is all up to him :) Good luck!