Sunday, October 10, 2010

Large pink bow, pink nails, and captured smile

Though it's already clear that I haven't taken as many photos of Peach as I did The Frog at this by this point, I try to make up for it when it turns out that she's awake when he's asleep and I've taken care of my major household duties. I bought more headbands at target and though I feel the bows are a bit large, I think she'll grow into them fairly soon.
The Frog awoke from his nap after only a few photos (he was in his big boy bed, so he let himself out) and of course wanted to join in on the fun!
I needed to include this next photo to give evidence of The Frog's desire to have his fingernails painted pink, like moms'. I only did one hand, and only after painting one finger to make sure he understood that when I said "don't touch anything until they're dry", he'd follow directions. You can kind of see it on his pointer finger.
Peach smiles often- though more often at objects than at me, such as in this picture below. She loves her mobile, as did The Frog, and smiles frequently when I put her under it. This isn't the biggest smile she can produce, but after hovering with a camera for 10 minutes, it's the best my patience could produce.
I should also mention that Peach "slept through the night" several times this week. (Meaning I got 6 hours of consecutive sleep!!) I think we'll keep her :)

PS happy 10-10-10!!

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McCall said...

So cute! I love The Frog's hair. It is so blonde!!