Monday, April 9, 2012

Iris's Spring Break: Day 1

Iris gets the whole week off this week and we toyed with all kinds of little vacations, but everything just seemed too expensive for what we would get- expensive in time to get there, money, and the amount of enjoyment for the kids wouldn't be enough to make it worth the trouble, so we instead decided to have a "staycation" where we tried to do something fun every day, from a list of things Iris wanted to do here before she goes home.
 Day 1, we hooked up the bike trailer and pulled this kids along a bike path to a park about 2.5 miles away.  Here are the kids sporting their Easter shades and Red Sox hats, preparing to go.
 Thanks to Jay inventing the kids' favorite game (and one of my least favorite...)- The Jumping Game- I catch The Frog and Peach trying to jump off everything, lately.  I can't wait until I find one of them on the roof....
 The Frog was very proud of his ability to jump off this and wanted me to document it.  I think it's the highest thing he's jumped yet!

Leave it to The Frog to always find someway to get soaking wet or muddy when we have no convenient way of changing clothes.
 The Frog spends just as much time climbing up slides as sliding down them.
 I love this picture!
 Peach and Iris going down the dual slides.
 After many attempts, this was the best group shot I could manage...
We came home and had a much needed popsicle, as evident by Peach's little red cheeks.  I was terrified that she may have gotten sunburned on her face because I ended up with a little on on my arms, but I'm happy to say I think both of our kids lucked out and inherited Jay's skin.


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cheryl said...

You are the best host mom!! What a fun way to do spring break.