Thursday, March 22, 2012

Two Months in a Jiffy

I'm sorry.  I've been a slug lately.  I have recently lost all motivation to do anything but the bare minimum, and this blog wasn't that.

Oddly enough, on the day I feel the worst (have a cold) I've decided I can't stand it anymore and I'm going to recap, tornado version.  Because if I don't do something now, I'll just feel even more overwhelmed and never do it.  

Here goes:
The Frog with our sole snowman of the year

Pink (beet) pancakes for Valentine's

sadly didn't stay pink once cooked...

Peach does this cuddly thing.  A LOT.  It's adorable.

This time, though, she did it on the counter?

I went all out this year, and made a Valentine's card for Jay.

3D style.

I don't think I'll ever be able to top this.

Homemade Okonomiyaki.  Hopefully I'll give a step-by-step one of these days.

The cuteness magootness

she loves those shoes.  and all shoes.

daddy and Iris went to Disneyland and brought back the hugest lolly-pops ever.

I wish I had the after pic with their black mouths.

The Frog pulls down all his clothes in his closet when he gets mad at me.

This time, I guess it tired him all out.

They are actually occasionally nice to each other now.  Hooray!

Pistachio cake for St. Patty's Day, since I was too lazy for corned beef and cabbage.

She wanted me to take her pic for some reason.  She immediately says "cheeeeeese" whenever she sees the camera and it's hard to get her to not look like this.

Riding the train together.

don't you just want to SQUEEZE her?
Update: I just uploaded photos from my camera, thinking it would be Easter on, turns out I had photos from March 22 on, so this is really more like "5 weeks in a jiffy".  I changed the date on this so I could try to make it reflect chronology better, 'cause I'm just anal like that...


Keegan said...

Love the pictures! Your kids are adorable! Also, I loved your comment about "they are occasionally nice to each other now" because people frequently ask me how my kids get along and I don't know how to respond. Sometimes they give each other hugs; sometimes they hit and run-- they act like siblings. Hope you're doing okay. Love you guys!

Abaker said...

Thanks for updating! Don't feel bad I've dropped the ball on my blog, too.