Friday, January 24, 2014

Phone Pics Roundup

I hardly ever sync my phone and so this is my semi-annual cell phone pics recap post.  Probably I should break it up into more than one post but....

 The Frog wanted to be Ironman for Halloween and wore that costume day and night until Halloween, and by then he had actually outgrown it...  he was given Iron Patriot (aka War Machine) from his cousin for Christmas and now he wears that one and Peach will wear this one.
 The Frog has me take pictures of works he is especially proud of
 I ate this.  Ever been to Black Sheep Cafe in downtown Provo?  soooo good and unique!
 Peach is really getting the hang of the glider bike.  Unfortunately, she's almost too tall for it already!!
 Another work of art The Frog wanted to be remembered before we cleaned up.
 Peach's work of art.  no, she's not naked... just wearing her favorite outfit. :)

 Peach's work of Lego construction.

 The Frog was very excited about all these color coordinated spaceships he made.  He even made up some kind of game with them that Peach could play with him.
 The corn maze in Pumpkinland.  Believe it or not, out of about 12 shots, this was the best one...
I went to "Music and the Spoken Word" at the Mormon Tabernacle with my youth group one Sunday morning.

The Frog donning his Halloween spider hat he made at preschool.  It was taped to our front door after that...

The Frog had his first dentist appointment where he would actually sit in the chair and let them clean his teeth!!  He's actually been asking regularly when he will get to go back!!  They give little kids cool sunglasses to wear so they don't get splashed in the eyes :)

One of many leaf raking days...

Peach finally allowed me to put piggies in her hair!  Aren't they adorable!!  She'll ask for them about once a week now and has actually left them in all day more than once! love it!

Hazel had her first haircut in November.

Bye bye mullet!

A day at Thanksgiving Points Dinosaur Museum.  Hazel is finally old enough to dig for bones!

One day our neighbors cat followed us home...

Thank goodness they have cats we can borrow so I don't have to get any ;)

Sitting on Santa's lap at our church Christmas party.  The Frog knows he's not real and declined the invitation.  (mom, if I just stand next to him, can I still get the candycane?)

I got this picture texted to me one day while Peach was at our neighbor-swap preschool.  They are Kangaroos hopping around, finding Ks to put in their "pouches"

I know what you're thinking...  I thought it was a bum at first too... Those stripey knees are Peach's and I guess she thought this shot warranted 12 pics on my phone one day...
And that's it!  now wasn't that fun?

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Rina said...

Hi Libby! Just wanted to say a quick hello - I've been checking out your blog every so often & it always looks like you guys are having so much fun! We are back in Chicago these days with our almost-year-old little one. Hope everything's great with you!