Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Homeschooling is hard.

Being a mom of 3 little ones is hard, but also homeschooling just really puts the pressure on for me.

I feel like I get nothing done and most days we don't finish everything I wanted to get through with either The Frog or Peach.

Today, I decided to write down all the interruptions to remind me why I don't get everything done.

It really made me feel better.

wanna see?

- Hazel brings me a toy with peanut butter on it for me to clean off so she can play with it

- Hazel brings me a bag with an old, post-frozen strawberry in it, which I soon discover has been smeared on the play kitchen and Hazel's hand/arm

- time-outs and kindness lesson  (which is actually 2 interruptions because they must be sent into time-out and then retrieved)

- Hazel has a broken ornament and is eating its pieces.  (what the... why?!!)

- Hazel climbed on the play kitchen and couldn't get down

-removing the Legos from the shower so I can take a shower without stepping on Legos

- time - outs and kindness lesson

- Cleaning up the "snack" the kids made for themselves while I was in the shower which involves wiping the table, chairs, bench and sweeping the floor.  again.

- Lunch

- Hazel thoroughly spreading the hay meant for baby Jesus's manger and also sampling it.  (am I not feeding her enough or what?)

- kid-bum wiping (this one is an every day one.  multiple times.)

- time-outs and kindness lesson

- Prepping the lasagna for the missionaries

- Furnace guy comes over to do a regular check-up on the furnace

- Landlord comes by to watch the furnace guy

- We decide to move our furniture around so that The Frog and Peach no longer have to share a room, in hopes of them getting a decent amount of sleep and being less cranky.  ALL. THE. TIME.

and those are just the ones I remember...


Keegan said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I started moving school to the afternoon for when Dash is sleeping because he is the biggest interruption. It has been better! But the other boys are kind of tired in the afternoon so that's a trick there. Plus, I never get through everything. There is a lot of dragging of feet from Mario when something is "boring" or challenging. Or he just gets distracted drawing superheroes. Drives me crazy! So school takes Anyway, I can relate to the interruptions and the oddness of them. Dash doesn't seem to eat random stuff too much right now, but if the bathroom is open, then he climbs into the sink or plays in the toilet and if I leave the kitchen to, say, go to the bathroom, then he climbs onto the stove or into the sink. I am grateful to do homeschooling, but sometimes I feel like I suck at it. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

MommaMcCarthy said...

Funny that Hazel was my one child not to eat everything in site... until this week? Also, today I caught her on the kitchen counter, putting strips of paper towel in the toaster and trying to turn it on. YIKES!!!

I also caught her and Peach "sword fighting" in the family room. Peach had a butter knife and Hazel had a full-on cut-tomatoes-with-it serrated knife!!! I have never been so terrified before!

Keegan said...

Bwahaha! That's hilarious! Scary, but hilarious. Remember how careful and cautious and worried we were when we had one kid (who could hardly move, by the way). Now all those worries seem so mundane. I mean, by three kids one of them is bound to be regularly in danger -- for real. Also, Hazel's picture on the side is absolutely adorable. Her smile is just too cute!

Mama Chick said...

Hyper Vigilance. I'm glad I now have a new word to describe what I go through.