Monday, May 4, 2015

Kid Conversation

After playing sardines during Family Home Evening tonight, Peach says after our treat, "I want to play tuna again."

 Minutes later, The Frog comes in and says, "Can we keep playing salmon? Wait, what's it called? Trout?"

**update 5/7/15 - I was reading a book about oceanography to The Frog and on the page talking about plankton it was anchovies were mentioned as eating plankton.  Upon hearing about anchovies,
The Frog perks up and says: "anchovies?  I love anchovies!"
Me:  (unbelievingly) "really? why?!"
The Frog: "You know.... that game!"


Lindsay said...

OMG. Sardines. I totally forgot that game existed. Then when I read it I knew it meant something but for the life of me I had no idea what it was (card game?). So I had to google it. Such a great game!!

pollywog said...

Haha, they clearly know their fish!

Keegan said...

Ha ha! Memorable game, forgettable title apparently.