Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"Daddy, fix it!"

This year for Christmas, we decided to go minimal in the "stuff" and try to give everyone experiences instead.  I confess, they did each get pajamas and one activity (The Frog got a game, Peach a make-your-own lotions/soaps/chapstick kit, and Hazel got some cute pots and pans for her kitchen- mostly so she'd stop stealing mine) and an experience.  Really, the experiences were intended to be for the whole family.  Hazel got to pick a movie for everyone to go to together, Peach's was for everyone to go to Fun World- a local arcade-ish kind of place where you get tickets (We NEVER let them do those kinds of things.  I loath the junk "prizes" they can earn...) and The Frog got a family trip to The Great Wolf Lodge.
We were so busy having fun, this is one of the only pictures we took while we were there- the kids are warming up on the heater, in their swim suits, while we read scriptures that morning before going swimming :) (edit!  I found more pictures on my camera!!  I'm adding them below! :D)
The kids got to sleep in their own log-cabin-looking room with 3 beds and a (oh wow!) TV!

Now, my kids have no experience with TV because we have never had normal TV since we've been married.  We do own a TV, but only for playing video games and watching movies.  The kids watch shows using our Amazon Prime membership on their iPads, so having a TV with a remote!! was super exciting for them.  They chose the Disney channel.

After about 30 minutes of watching TV Peach comes over to Jay and I.

Me: "Are you done watching TV already?  I would have thought you'd be happy doing that all day!"
Peach: [whining] "It's so annoying! They keep showing these things that have nothing to do with the story!"
Jay & I start laughing
Jay: "Those are advertisements.  That's one of the reasons why we don't watch TV at our house."
Peach: "Daddy, fix it!!"

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McCall Weibel said...

We have a Great Wolf Lodge close to our house and have been wanting to go!