Wednesday, April 12, 2017

"Monkey Eats" Rhymes with Orange

Every time I get pregnant and have a new baby, I have noticed a decline in my ability to procure words at the right times or remember why I walked into a room.  I always chalked it up to the sleep deprivation and stolen Omega-3s but I swear this time it is SO BAD that there must be some old age thrown in there.  I thought that having more time to recover from the previous 3 babies would have helped.  (and don't get me started about this post-4th baby belly...)

SO, this time I decided to take matters into my own hands and actively get this memory exercised!  Rather than memorizing pi to the 100th place or other triumphant (yet pointless) memory feats, I am trying to learn a few languages. I got the Duo Lingo app for my phone and now while I'm nursing, I review my Spanish and Hungarian, and I'm trying to learn several others as well.

Now for the reason I felt inspired to sit down...

I have always felt it a travesty that nothing rhymes with orange.  I am one who enjoys making up my own lyrics to beloved tunes, on the fly, and un-rhyme-able words really throw off my game!

Well, as I have been studying French, it has become very apparent that many many words, in French, rhyme with "orange".  "I eat" ("je mange"= zhuh mahnzh) for one- which makes it exceedingly fun to say "I eat an orange"  = "Je mange une orange", but even more fun to say "The monkey eats an orange" = "Le sange mange une orange".

Just out of curiosity, I wanted to find out exactly how many words rhyme with "orange" in French.  Turns out 625!!

So if you ever feel like rhyming with orange, rest assured it should be fairly easy in French!

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