Monday, September 24, 2007

Hiatus Explanation

Although my posts have been absent for quite some time, my thought have been with blogging almost every day. The past three weeks have been probably the most blog-worthy of my life, which is why I did not have (or rather make) time for blogging. Isn't that just the way sometimes?

For all those who care, my wedding(s) went dazzlingly well, and I have posted pictures in an album on facebook of the Utah celebration. Mass ones are still to come. My surprise honeymoon ended up in Sedona, AZ with beautiful scenery of the red-rock formations from our hotel room. I am positive that this was the most relaxing vacation I have ever taken. There was literally nothing to do (besides hiking, which we opted out on since we were there only to relax) except watch movies and read and lounge around by the pool, which we had pretty much to ourselves (everyone else was out hiking). Now my body is making up for lost time and stressing out over my first week of school that starts tomorrow.

I have many more interesting things to write about (at least I think so) and I took note of them in random spaces in my "real" journal, and sticky-notes on my personalized homepage, so hopefully I will be blogging more frequently to get to all of them out in cyberspace. I can tell you people are hankering for some entertainment. (so perhaps you should seek elsewhere?) For now, I go to bed to prepare for the chaos that is figuring out how to shop 3 classes that meet at the same time. Wish me luck!


schoolmarm j said...

Congratulations, Mrs. McCarthy! :)

I peeked in this morning, not sure if you'd be back to blogging so soon.

I've made a couple of blog blurbs on education and [home]schooling, which I [almost] shamelessly point to here and here for if you're still interested. Sounds like you don't exactly need another subject for research right now though!

I've just begun to cover the topic, but I hardly know where to begin and what to cut out without turning my blog into one about educational theory.

UsedToBeDay said...

Cool thanks. I saw one of them already and was very proud of myself for sparking your need for some extra posts.