Saturday, September 1, 2007

Odorant Boycott

As a self-proclaimed scientist, I am all for pursuing experiments to further my understanding of my surroundings, and especially my hygiene. For example, it took years of experiments for me to be able to get my hair to go curly in a way such that it isn't frizzy, nor crispy, yet bouncy. I think my biggest beauty problem has been my over-zealous (brace yourself, all who fear TMI) under-arm sweat glands. One of my most annoying woes has been dealing with this fiasco-- particularly the ring-stain left on my shirts which is caused by the deodorant, NOT the sweat. However, I have always feared too much the consequences of not wearing deodorant, to try it out. Luckily, earlier this week, I somehow managed to skip over the part of my morning routine that involved my "deodorant" application and I have made an amazing discovery. Wearing deodorant not only does nothing for the amount of sweat I produce, but I believe that I actually sweat LESS when I don't wear it! Not only that, but I can't smell anything! (and yes, folks, this is fiance approved. Keep in mind that he has an incentive to be truthful, because if he says I don't stink, and I in fact do, then he is the one who has to smell me for the rest of our married lives together) So I have decided that deodorant does not deodorize my pits, but in all actuality, gives them an odor. Yes, perhaps it is a pleasant "powder fresh" or "shower clean" smell, but it's not worth it for the stains and sometimes awkward marks it leaves on your shirt if not put on carefully enough. So I have decided to boycott this so-call "deodorant".

However, for all of you who are not so brave (and I don't blame you) you may find this useful. I have not tried any of these yet, but perhaps I will try to revive some of my old stained shirts.

PS 3 more days!


Laura said...

(WARNING, TMI comment) I too, do not use deodorant (in the classical meaning, anyway). Normal deodorant contains anti-persperant that always stains my clothes yellow and leaves waxy deposits. I use a deodorant stone that is just a deodorant (and no anti-persperant). It's like a clear crystal that you wet and rub onto your skin. They last for years and years, and don't have any harmful chemicals that may or may not contribute to Alzheimer's. You can buy them at GNC. I can go a day or two without any deodorant, but if I do anything really physical where I sweat a lot and use muscles, I have a very faint smell. (only detectable by sniffing 1 inch away). But the deodorant stone eliminates that smell, when it occurs. And it doesn't stain clothes at all. I've been using it at least 7 years now.

glistening j said...

It's because of the waxing. ;)