Monday, December 10, 2007

One Final Blurb Before Finals are Final (Finally!!)

I must write today because I know there will be little time until my finals are in fact that- final.

For those of you who knew of my insane schedule as of late, this weekend ended up in overall success! Yesterday, my ward had their Christmas party and since I'm a newbie in the ward and only will be around until March, they saw it fit to put me on a committee that I did not know existed beyond singles' wards- (where there are more people than callings with the absence of the youth, primary, and nursery programs, but I digress...) the ward activities committee.

I'm still amazed at how every time we thought we were out of food, another person would show up late with another lasagna to put out on the table. (which reminds me... I wonder how mine tasted...) And even though after all were fed and ready for dessert, all except the committee who were cleaning in the kitchen and replenishing said food, we (at least I) had begun to stare at the left-over rolls, wondering how many we would need to get full... when magically, one more lasagna appeared- thank goodness for MST! (Mormon Standard Time- i.e. late). Looks like we got our own little Christmas miracle ;)

The musical number (What Child Is This for a 4-part female harmony) I put together also went fairly well, I'm so proud of us and our mere 3 practices! Though I must admit that it's always the primary kids who make the evening! I just love seeing them in their white sheets and tinseled heads and love to ponder on what they're staring at over there. One of the Peery daughters was waving her hand around to match the chorister, and with great deliberation, I might add.

Tonight was the stake performance of "The Heritage of Christmas" concert with a bell choir, yet another primary showing, and my choir (The Menlo Park Stake Choir) did a number of pieces- some with audience participation. I just love the spirit that dwells in a room with songs of such praise. Truly "the song of the heart is like a prayer unto me" and I'm so glad because I much prefer singing and playing piano to voicing my thoughts in prayer. I just usually don't feel like I'm capable of expressing myself as well as poets and composers.

Okay, okay, I wasn't going to mention anything, but I just had to note the other best thing about sitting in the choir seats- looking at peoples' faces while they're watching other performances. I had picked out two particular people that just made me laugh every time my eyes passed their position. One guy, I couldn't tell if he was angry or just soooooo completely and unbelievably bored that he thought his life might be over at any minute. His wife played the harp for one of the children's numbers, so it's clear that he was under obligation to be there. Perhaps he was enjoying himself though, who knows...

One final diddy- perhaps it is against my best interest to share this, but I am just so amazed by the absurdity of my action today, that I feel it may give some delight. Today, while making French toast for linner (that's what you eat when church is from 1-4 and you sleep in, eating breakfast at about 10:30) I was talking to Jay on the phone and- maybe because I was listening and should have been paying attention, maybe because my brain is fried from all the bustle and cramming- I, for some reason, cracked one egg right into the garbage can.
Tap tap on the bowl, and plop into the trash.
Just like that.
I then nearly threw my shell into my bowl but realized my mistake and promptly rolled into laughter. Oh well, I needed to get rid of them all by Friday anyway, right?

Well, I'm off to bed to prepare for a long week of tests, late-nights, packed boxes, cheat sheets and LaTeX. Wish me luck!

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