Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Adventurous Woman

Today marks the 23rd anniversary of the nativity of a dear friend of mine from college. I feel bad that I've slacked so much on keeping in touch with her, but being that she won't be prime again for quite some time, I think this merits my dusting off of the pen (I prefer these to pencils) and exposing my closet poet. A tribute is completely in order, for she saw me through the good, the bad, and the ugly. And without further adieu:

Ode to Katie Burt- The Adventurous Woman
Inspired by and written for Katie Burt on her 23rd birthday in the year two-thousand and eight
by Libby Day McCarthy

Oh the places you've been,
Katie Burt,
and you're now so accomplished
caring, solving, funny, alert.

She trekked off to school
in a far away place,
And touched all she knew,
improved every space.

She's paced down the street on
a cold, dark night
To comfort a friend
who suffered a plight.

She'll meet you at Starbucks
when your life's going ill,
and remind you of the good
over cookies and steamed milk.

She'll enchant over pizza.
Where does the time go?
If we hurry, the Gate may still have icecream:
Your favorite, cookie dough!

She's traveled abroad,
the Hague, Hungary, Wien;
Surviving vegetable squirtings
and nearly missed trains.

She navigates foreign languages,
she's no fool.
And managed to mime,
do you have a crown jewel?

And once she's returned,
you'll feel you were there,
As you roll with great laughter
from her stories told with care.

Her genius?
Her person?
A catch!

Indeed she'll be famous,
if not, I'll be cross;
For so many people will miss out,
what a loss!

She's a true special spirit,
I hope I've conveyed.
You deserve the bestest, Katie Burt!
Have a fantabulous birthday!