Monday, May 5, 2008

A Chronological List of my Notable Latests

  • Went to pre-natal yoga
  • Bought a house in Provo
  • Bought real furniture for the first time ever (bed, mattress, sofas...)
  • Wrote the largest check I've ever written to-date
  • I felt the bebeh (that's what we call it) kickin'/punchin'
  • Jay felt the bebeh kickin'/punchin'
  • Had long-awaited root beer freeze
  • Officially decided to walk at my graduation
  • Dealt with crazy weddingness for sister
  • Belly circumference surpasses chestal circumference
  • Played with cutest nieces and nephews ever
  • With pep-talking from Jay, successfully got my way on the phone with a business trying to get away with major screw-up at our expense (Big deal for me. First time ever- I'm sort of a push-over, especially with strangers)
  • Wondered about why it was snowing in May
  • Went to sister's wedding
  • Got my first hair-part sunburn of the summer
  • Went to my new Provo ward
And now it is now. Tomorrow we officially move into our new home, so hopefully I'll have some pictures by the end of the week :D


Lindsay B said...

Yay!!! I'm so excited to hang out in the new place and shop for stuff to go in it!! Do you guys need help?

UsedToBeDay said...

No help yet. Probably I'll want help picking out a color for the nursery once we get settled :)

dan and emily said...

Libby! It's Emily Eardley (Clark). I am stuck at work far too late and so am blogstalking you. I had to leave a message, because it's too weird to think of someone reading my blog and me not knowing. Congratulations on the little one! Eve got married!?

Laura said...

oh blib! I'm so happy for your house purchase. I am excited to see tummy>chest.

love you.

ju said...

whoa! yay!

i'm comin' to town the 24th, and if i don't get to see you, jay, the bebeh, and your new habitat, i'll be seriously disappointed!

mark your calendars kids, auntie ju's comin' to town!!