Monday, November 17, 2008

Even More Awkward than "Awkward"

Isn't the word "awkward" so aptly spelled? I can't think of a more awkward looking word. (I'm willing to be proved wrong) The only thing more awkward than "awkward" was last Sunday.

Jay and I teach Sunday school to the 11/12/13 year olds, which means that ever since The Frog arrived, Jay teaches and I just try to encourage participation. This past Sunday, the lesson was on "Moral Cleanliness"- i.e. sexual purity. If that's not awkward enough, after being in class about 5 minutes, Jay turns to me (I wasn't paying attention because The Frog was being fussy) and says, "Libby, can you take over for me for a minute?" And starts leaving the room. (Turns out the Thai food we had on Saturday night might have caused him some gastrointestinal troubles.)

So there I was. In a room with four 11/12/13-year old boys, and one fussy baby, and no preparation, and expected to talk about sexual purity.


Luckily Jay had already opened his scriptures to the story where Joseph runs away from Potiphar's wife (Genesis) who tries to seduce him- which means I basically made them read the whole chapter. And then I also made one of the boys read the entire section in the "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet. And then I started getting really desperate and I'm not even sure what I was talking about (hopefully they weren't listening) when Jay came back and saved me.

Don't worry, the Frog was crying the whole time.

Did I mention I had to tell these kids to not have sex before marriage?

Did I mention that all of them seemed like they never even thought about touching girls?

Did I mention that it was really awkward?

And just so as not to disappoint, here's the Frog :)


Mark and Kira Clawson said...
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AngelaMuir said...

oh libby. that sounds awful- awful and awkward. both horribly looking words. :)

Lindsay B said...

oh my goodness he looks different in these pics. He's filling out a bit! and smiling! can't wait to see him again!