Sunday, November 23, 2008

Newborn No More

Our little Frog is getting bigger! I still remember gazing longingly at the 3 month old clothing, hanging in his closet, and now I find myself lamenting at the loss of his new born clothes. Our little two month old has finally moved on to bigger onesies and I'm starting to feel like it's happened too fast. Here are two outfits I will dearly miss:

The fuzzy, green, giraffe PJ's were my first love. I would often put him in them long before bedtime and delay dressing him in "real" clothes as long as possible, just so I could adore the Frog in fuzzy form.

This cute little number was a recent shower gift from Rem. I love the asymmetric snaps and cute wintery pattern. Sadly, the Frog never wore it for a full day, for it seems it had some kind of intestinal effect on him and he would poop on it soon after being dressed in its cuteness. Luckily, it remains unstained and will be used on future Frog-like presences.

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