Friday, January 2, 2009

Post Christmas, Pre-New Year

After Christmas, Jay's family came in town to spend some time with our family. Okay, let's face it. They really just wanted to be with The Frog. Despite that, they were extremely helpful and Jim helped us fix a few things around the house, while Pam was, as always, super handy in the kitchen.

Since we knew my family and his would be in town, we waited to have The Frog's baby blessing on the 28th of December. It was a really beautiful blessing and a big thanks to all those who helped out with the food at the "after-party" and helping me write down the blessing. I wish it were polite to bring a lap-top to sacrament meeting, because I know I type MUCH faster (and more legibly ;D) than I write. The Frog was blessed in the same gown that Jay was christened in, which I think is really awesome.

Pam outdid herself and made The Frog the cutest quilt for playing on, and it most appropriately contains appliqued frogs! :D

The Frog has also had a bunch of major milestones within days of each other. I already mentioned the holding head up on his tummy, he can basically stand up by himself now too-- he just needs help with the balancing part. Most surprisingly though, is the recent appearance of his first tooth! His second closely behind and visible just below his gums! It took many tries to try to capture the proof, but I finally snuck one in. Now we're working on teaching him not to bite while he eats. Ouch!!

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Mel said...

Cute pictures! He bit me with his tooth and it hurt! I'm glad I don't have to worry about feeding him.