Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well, the resolutions are going well so far. (glad I can still say that on the 11th day of the new year ;D) The grains are going well. I've been a bit lax about some things because I feel like I need to eat up the things already around from last year, but I did manage to sneak some oatmeal in my chili and I bought whole wheat pasta for the future.

I made my mom's whole wheat bread recipe and it turned out great, despite the several Frog interruptions. It didn't look as beautiful as my mom's bread, though, (which is why there are no pictures) and I think it's because I used the only loaf pan I own, which I think is too big. I plan to buy a regular sized loaf pan tomorrow and try again.

I also made pizza for dinner tonight, left out the sugar (for Jay) and used freshly ground wheat. It was good, but Jay and I both agreed that next time we should let the pizza stone preheat longer. (Yes! We have a pizza stone! We are hard-core.) The toppings were good though. My favorite was the Italian sausage and basil. Nothing fancy, just regular old dried basil, but it was yum. The other was green olives and oregano.

I've been listening to the "French for Beginners" podcast on iTunes. It's great! I'm totally digging the intro music and the teacher's British accent. And it's just the right amount of French to take in during a session too. I also like that she provides pdf worksheets if you want to do some written work later. French is one of those languages where if you only learn to converse, seeing the written words can be quite shocking. Who knew "oui" doesn't start with "w"? I didn't... I think I need to devise a method for review. Perhaps I'll listen for a week, and then review an old one I've already heard. Then new material, then review, etc. Hopefully that will help my retention.

This may be TMI, but as soon as I decided not to pick at my skin, I started getting a gigantic monster on my face. I write to say that I resisted! Didn't even TOUCH the thing and it's finally almost gone. Maybe this will be possible!

I've started a drawer in our hall linen closet for things I didn't use last year and have already placed 2 shirts and a sweater in it :) I'm feeling liberated already.

Enough of me... I cannot believe how much the Frog has already accomplished since last time I wrote. If you hold something in front of him he now tries to grab it. It's sooo cute! He'll be completely wiggling around, like babies do, and then all of a sudden he stops, and you can tell that he's concentrating super hard to close his hand at just the right moment. It's so amazing. Most of the time once he gets it he loses interest, but more and more he tries to get said grabbed object into his mouth. Occasionally, it ends up on his face though :) It's funny that he doesn't know how to get it off!

He's also rolling over regularly- still not on purpose, but he's managed to roll over both sides now. For awhile we were worried he might not be an ambi-roller...

Friday was officially 4 months since his birthday and so we went in for his 4 month check-up and immunizations. He cried, of course, but acted way more tough about it after, compared to last time. We also found out that he had a major growth spurt- going from 30% in height to somewhere around 75%. I should have known, though, he's already grown out of his 3/6mo clothes.

And finally, we fed him some rice cereal yesterday. I just love watching the expression on his face. He eats it just fine, but you can tell by his facial expression he's kind of bewildered by the existence of edibles that don't taste like milk. He also seems very curious about whatever we're eating- especially my water bottle. I can't drink out of it while I'm feeding him without him getting off and staring at me until I put it down.

Speaking of the kiddo... he's up. I'm out.


Brooke said...

The holidays are over and life is somewhat back to normal- lets get together with all the mommas soon!

Kirsta and Morian said...

it's fun to read about how "The Frog" is doing. aren't babies amazing?! how big is he now, do you mind my asking? Devin goes in for his 4 month check-up on Tueaday and I'm anxious to see how big he is. I don't even have an idea whatsoever. good luck with your new yera's resolutions!