Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Party Pics

This is to show you all the amazing attention to detail my brother goes to when he throws a party. This post needs hardly any words.

Where you enter (YES that wrought-iron fence is an installment just for Halloween)
The theme was a mad scientist's lair. Some of the decor:

Yes, my brother bought two pet snakes, just for the decor. This is the small one.

The costumes:
I love the rubber gloves. Great idea.

Yes, she MADE her costume, and my brother painted his skin with LATEX paint (which he had Home Depot color match to the outfit he's wearing- which is made from a tarp)
Some food. Notice my Art E. Choke dip. hahaha. i'm sooooo clever.
This was a really cool party game- my niece is holding a bubble full of "smoke". I'm not sure of the exact details, but I think the bubble is just joy and water, and when you pop it, the "smoke" that comes out is really from dry ice. You put dry ice and water in a container so that the subliminated gas is forced through a tube, and then you use the air from the tube to blow bubbles. The coolest thing, though, is that you can hold the bubbles as long as you're wearing one of those cheapo "one size fits all" knit gloves. Very cool.
Here's my other niece- the corpse bride, with my nephew. He was the mad scientist at the party, but I guess they took off his awesome wig while he ate.
Here's the whole fam in their glory! Notice how my brother's foreign exchange student had to keep his distance to avoid the wrath of my ears.
Awesome party bro! I can't wait for next year! (I already have our costumes picked out :D)

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Ryan M. said...

Libby, what on earth does your brother do for a living. I'm pretty sure he could get a job working for George Lukas working on the set and costumes if he ever needed to quick his day job.

Your family's costumes look really fun btw.