Sunday, November 28, 2010

Peach's Baby Blessing

We decided to take advantage of our trip for Thanksgiving and bless Peach at a ward in Massachusetts so Jay's family could take part. Jay's mom generously let us have a brunch at her house after and it was SOOO nice to get to talk to some of my friends who live in New England- many of which I haven't seen in years. Thanks to all who came! I was so busy catching up, I forgot to take photos of us together. (sometimes it's probably better to live in the moment anyway, right?) I did manage to get a couple shots of our family though.


Mel said...

Cute! Love all the pics and posts about your time back east!

Rachel Marie Gold said...

I spent a delicious Thanksgiving at Jay's one year - his family is so welcoming and his mom is a great cook!

Ryan M. said...

It was so wonderful to see the whole McCarthy Family! Thanks for sharing such a great moment with Kelsey and I! We hope to see you all again some day soon!

Much love,
Ryan + Kelsey