Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kid Conversation

The bulk of the craziness should subside after Saturday, but I can't keep all this cute convos in my head for long...

First I just wanted to mention how amazed I am by Peach's vocabulary expansion!  She already uses sentences!  (although, you have to be a mom to understand them...)  A couple of the most common are:
"ahwango" = I want to go
"wanmo" = I want more
"wight heeyew" (usually with pointing) = right here

she's also figured out that you don't typically say "thank you" when you give something to someone, you say "here".  Or in her case, "heeyew".

Right now "dog", "duck", and her brother's name all sound very similar, and it can be hard to differentiate.  If it's one of the first two, and I'm confused, she'll often accompany it with an animal noise.

She also is very aware of what belongs to The Frog and what belongs to her.  She often picks up The Frog's sippy cup and says,
Peach: [Frog]?  Moke?  (milk)
Me: Yes, that is The Frog's milk.
Peach, obviously pleased with her correct assessment, then drinks his milk.

The other day, I was dropping something off for Jay at work, and we were kind of in a hurry because we wanted to make it to story-time at the library, so I said to The Frog before we got out of the car...
Me:  [Frog], we have to go in and out really quickly, or we'll be late for story-time at the library, so you have to stick right with me, ok?
The Frog: okay, mom!
So we go inside, he does a great job non lolly-gagging, he went through his usual ritual of pushing all the disability buttons to open the two sets of doors to get inside, and pushing all the elevator buttons.  We made it all they way to the faculty fridge and back down stairs through the elevator.  I couldn't believe what a great job he was doing- he usually has to stop and look at EVERYTHING and ask questions about it.  The doors our were just in sight, and The Frog takes off down a hall lined with classrooms and people studying.
Me: [Frog]!  Come back, bud!  We're going to be late for story-time!  We've got to go!
The Frog: Mom!!  (yelling,  while running past the students, away from me) You've got to stick right with me, okay?!!

Earlier that morning, I realized I had forgot something and, as usual, said something about it as I thought out-loud.  (ha.  I now can't remember what it was that I forgot...)
The Frog:  Mom, you're so funny.  That's so funny that you forgot about that.
Me:  It is?
The Frog:  You're so cute, mom.  You're so cute.

And finally today, we were on our way to drop Jay off at work/go to the Bean Museum (every Wednesday they have story time and they bring in a live animal for the kids to pet.  It's soo stinkin' cool!  We've touched a blue-tongued skink, a turtle, and today it was a bearded dragon.)

I wasn't really paying attention to the other side of the car, as I was buckling in Peach and Jay was helping The Frog.  The Frog climbs into the car, jumps, and then bonks his head on the ceiling and starts crying and blaming Jay for hitting his head.
Jay: [Frog], I didn't touch you!  You jumped and bonked your own head!
Me:  (I'm embarrassed to say, but lectures like this are very common from my mouth)  I know your upset about getting hurt, [Frog], but you're the one who was acting crazy in the car.   If you'd just calm down and get in your seat, you wouldn't get hurt.
The Frog:  But Daaad.  (sobbing)  You shouldn't have told me to jump in the car!  Why did you say that!!

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