Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kid Conversations

I have been storing up a few of these.

The Frog comes up to me out of nowhere.
The Frog:  Oh no! Moooooom.  Uh-oh, you forgot something!
Me: What?
The Frog: You forgot to get me a puppy!

One time at dinner when Peach was coughing after a drink The Frog comments:
"It went down the wrong pipe.  It was supposed to go into her tummy, but it went down to her legs."

Iris, The Frog and I are all sitting at the table.  The Frog is talking to Iris.
The Frog: How old is your mom?
Iris: 46
The Frog: How old is your dad?
Iris: 45
The Frog: How old are you?
Iris: 17
The Frog: How old is your baby?
Iris: (laughing) I don't have a baby!
The Frog: (pointing at her breasts) But you have those!
Me: She's not married yet, Frog, she can't have a baby.
Iris: I don't even have a boyfriend.  Can you help me find one, Frog?
The Frog:  You mean like me... or daddy?
(we're lauging)
Me: Daddy is already married to me, Frog.
The Frog: Well, I'm not big yet.

Iris told me about this conversation when she put the kids to bed for Jay and I one night.
They're reading bedtime stories.
The Frog: (turns to Iris) Can you forgive me, Iris?
Iris:  For what?
The Frog:  I pooped.

and then this morning, I was getting the kids dressed and Peach was trying to open a dresser drawer.  I asked The Frog to help her.

The Frog:  Do you need help, Peach?  Here.  (opens the drawer)  Look! What's in there?  Just underpants and pajamas.  (to me)  I think she wants to look at my underpants.  (to Peach) Do you want to look at my underpants, Peach?
Peach: (nodding) yeah.
The Frog: (dumping them all on the floor) Of course you can look at my underpants!  Of course you can!


Keegan said...

The frog sounds like a character. So fun! Wish I could see him. :( But I love that I can glimpse your family from the blog at least. Sounds like you all have been busy and having fun. Iris is lucky is have come to your family and it sounds like you are lucky to have her.

Jared & Kat said...

Love it!