Monday, February 13, 2012

Last Week

It's been so nice not having a million things on my plate!  I've had so much fun just playing and reading stories with my children!  
The Frog has been wearing underpants all week long, which I'm really, really excited about.  Turns out, when you put underpants on little sister (just to try) all of a sudden it looks like a good idea to big brother...  
He's also discovered the "funny face"-
 Little Peach amazes me with her vocabulary increase, and will often try to repeat the last thing anybody said, just to see if she can say it.  She loves to pick out books and then come sit on my lap to read them (usually with her feet stuck between my legs). This is  picture of her pushing her "bankie" in the stroller- a favorite activity of hers. She is very particular that the blanket can't have any edges poking out beyond the seat of the stroller, it's so funny.
 The Frog loves to pretend he's a dog, and Peach loves to copy her brother, so I often get little barking children at my feet, who try to get my attention by scratching my legs.  This particular day, The Frog found a pacifier and decided he was a baby dog.  Peach found a bottle nipple and decided the same.
 My neighbor had an idea for an awesome book that they really created to market toward taiwanese school children who are learning English, but he gave one to us and my kids LOVE it.  It's an ABC book and you're supposed to glue in pictures of your own kids with the alphabet item mentioned.  Brilliant!  What kid doesn't LOVE looking at pictures of themselves!
It is THE Most requested book in my house- and I haven't even glued the pictures in yet...  I keep meaning to print out pictures to put in- most of them I will use ones we already have.  For example, A is for Apple- we have an apple tree, so plenty of kid-with-apple pics to choose from.  B is for Book- I might even use this picture for that one!  H is for "Happy Birthday"- who doesn't have at least ONE birthday shot of their children...  There are a couple pages where I might just put in my own picture- like I have a cute one of The Frog eating ice cream that I'm going to use for I.  If anyone wants to buy a copy, I think they're $12, and I can figure out how to get one to you.  The pictures are adorable and each page has a few things drawn that also starts with that letter of the alphabet.

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cheryl said...

What a great idea! I'd love to buy one.