Sunday, February 12, 2012

Monster Pancakes!

One of Jay's favorite breakfasts is blueberry pancakes, so once the price of blueberries starts to fall (around now) we eat them regularly.  The Frog doesn't like having the squishy little blueberries in his pancakes (though he likes blueberries separate) and so for some reason I thought I would try making a blueberry sauce (1 c blueberries + 1 t sugar on the stove.  Mash blueberries witha spoon and cook until thickened) to mix into the pancake batter I usually make.

Boy was I surprised by the result!
 That batter turned BLUE.  Much bluer than I expected.
 These are whole-wheat pancakes so I didn't think it would have as great an effect.
 Peach says "cheese" whenever I take out the camera :)
 It worked!  The Frog liked the "Monster Pancakes"!
I think they creeped Jay out though, so I probably won't make them regularly...


Lindsay said...

Mmmm they look soooo yummy! I was thinking one of your Dinorounds we should do in the morning so we can bring Lucy over to play with the Frog for a few hours! Maybe once the weather is nice...

Lindsay said...

I just want you to know that this post created such a craving that Andy and I will be eating whole-wheat blueberry pancakes for dinner tonight before he has to go to class. I think I'm even going to do it with the blue sauce. Can't wait! Do you use maple syrup?