Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kid Conversation

My kids say the darndest things, but I've been really bad about recording the best ones.  The Frog gave me 2 in two days and so I felt like I needed to be sure and write these down.

Setting: The Frog is banging on my locked bedroom door wanting to get in.  I finally let him in.
The Frog: Mom, why'd you lock the door?
Me: I was waxing.
The Frog: So, are you all done ear waxing now?

Setting: The Frog has confiscated Iris's, collapsible, blue, Ikea laundry hamper and is running around the house with it over his head.
The Frog: Mom!  I'm a blue bug!
Me:  Cool!
The Frog: What's Peach?
Me: Well, she's wearing yellow fuzzy pajamas so maybe she's a baby chick!
The Frog: And what are you?
Me: Hmmm.  I'm a red.... a red...
The Frog: A red cow?


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WalkConkies said...

Ha ha. I thought he'd think you were a red hen b/c you are peach's mom and you were probably hard at work!!! Jesi just received a rapunzel doll for her birthday and it came with a little foam brush to change the color of her hair. She was not pleased when Kassi thought it was a q-tip and was cleaning her ears with it :o)!