Monday, May 14, 2012

Kid Conversation

I have other things I need to update with, but that involves getting the camera and uploading photos, so this will have to be enough for now...

Tonight for Family Home Evening (one of the highlights of The Frog's week as he always asks "do we get to have family home evening tonight?") we talked about missionaries, since we are having "the missionaries" (as Mormons refer to them) over for dinner on Wednesday.  (A rare occasion in Provo, since there are so few missionaries and so many LDS...)

Me: The Frog, do you know what a missionary is?
The Frog: Yes.
Me: (a bit surprised) You do?  Well, what do they do?
The Frog: They mish.

The Frog often says "yes" he knows about something, but then when you question him to expound further he responds with, "tell me".  Hilariously and confoundingly, Peach has now picked up on this habit, except she'll say "tell me" when you ask opinion questions such as, "what's your favorite color?" or "do you like your sandwich?"

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