Sunday, September 2, 2012

Family BBQ

As I mentioned earlier, my grandma died last week.  I think the best thing about having a funeral is that it gives the family an excuse to gather, even if they are spread out across the country.  Ours hadn't been completely together since two Christmases ago and it was nice to be together, even if it was for a sad occasion.  We all got together for a last-minute BBQ at my oldest brother's home.  I didn't take a ton of pictures, but I did manage a few.

It wasn't as hectic as our last gathering and it made me excited for future gatherings now that all the cousins are getting old enough to actually play together.

I managed to convince the fam to stand in front of a tripod for 2 minutes at the actual funeral to try and get a family pic while all of us still have 2 kids.  (I must admit I'm a bit surprised that I'm the one breaking the trend.  I never thought it would have been me if you asked me 5 years ago...)

I just need to learn how to use photoshop so I can meld these two together.

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