Friday, December 13, 2013

First Photo Booth!

Jay takes the kids to the movies a lot- usually the dollar movies, but sometimes if there's something new he really wants to see, he'll take them to the "real thing".  They have the ritual of sharing a small bag of popcorn and "playing" in the arcades after the show.

Well, I finally go to take the kids to a movie while Jay stayed home with the napping Hazel - we went to see Frozen - and when I saw the photo booth in the arcade, I knew....

PS Peach has always been quite fearless in movies, compared to The Frog, but she got scared during the previews and sat on my lap during the whole movie!  It was fun :)


Keegan said...

I love all the recent posts and pictures! And the photo booth is fun. I am anxious to see Frozen-- everyone makes it sound so good. My second is more fearless about movies than my first too. I wonder why that is.

Jenny Bay said...

Very cute :)