Thursday, December 12, 2013

Picture Catch-up...

I realized today, when scanning through our photos on the computer, trying to decide which one to make an ornament out of for Peach, that I have hardly any good photos of her lately!  She has been very camera shy/active (i.e. blurry!) in all my recent photos.  Also, I've been taking much fewer than usual...  Anyway, out of nowhere, my princess girl has suddenly wanted to start wearing her brother's clothes.  (try to ignore her peeking bum.  It can be hard keeping 3T pants on, but The Frog's 5T ones are impossible!)
 She even wore his pajamas to bed that night!
 Don't worry, though, she still has days of multitudes of princess tutus!
 I think I have a picture like this for all three kids at about this age:
 I make the babies wear these when I grind wheat.  That thing is super loud!

Ever since Auntie Eve has moved to Utah, we've seen a lot more of her and the cousins!  Usually, things are too crazy (or we're too busy chatting...) to get many pictures, but I just thought it was so cute seeing these two together, that I couldn't resist.  Hazel usually goes for the eyes, but little E is a good sport about it.

 Hazel absolutely LOVES playing peek-a-boo.  I don't think her siblings ever got this big of a kick out of it, but I'm known for having memory problems... My favorite thing about when she plays is that she considers this amount of face coverage to be hiding.
Adorable!  It's really really easy to tickle her into a giggle fit too.  Sometimes a picture just isn't enough...

And finally, I have this drawer of cookie cutters in my kitchen (that are almost all hand-me-downs) which is funny because I really hate making cut-out cookies.  **so tedious**  However, I've always been glad for it because it's been a favorite place for babies to go when I'm making dinner.
I'm getting really good an stepping over and around things while rushing around the kitchen :)  I wonder if I could put that on my resume...

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