Monday, February 17, 2014

Kid Conversation

Today, an ordinary day, right after lunch.
Me: Please clear your plate if you're done!
The Frog: Why do you always say that every time I'm done?
Me: Because we have to clear our plate, every time we're done.
The Frog: And I keep forgetting...  That's because I have "Once There Was A Snowman" stuck in my head.

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Rachel Marie Gold said...

Ha! I am constantly getting songs stuck in my head...sometimes songs I've not heard in ages. Last week it was "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt." Yesterday, my friend sent me a link to her nephew's school's website. It listed the class mascot - mustang. This put the song "Mustang Sally" into my head, which was awkward because I knew neither the tune nor the lyrics to the song.