Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kid Conversation

Last Sunday, during sacrament meeting, Peach was flipping through a Lift-the-Flap Bible stories book I bring to church each week.  She was sitting next to Jay, and he told me about this afterward.  This took me a bit by surprise because we talked about the story of David and Goliath for Family Home Evening a few weeks ago so I had hoped that she would see the picture and recognize the story.  This is the story she told herself instead.

low voice: (Goliath) I want to join your family!
high voice: (David) No, you can't join our family!  You've got a mustache!
middle voice: (some background dude in the scene) But I've got a mustache!
high voice: (David) Well, you can't join our family.
[lifts the flap so that Goliath is now lying on the ground]
low voice: (Goliath) ohhhh nooooooo!

Apparently we are raising a mustache-hater.

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Rachel Marie Gold said...

I can relate. I see those silly mustaches everywhere and on everything and I wonder...why are these ridiculous mustaches printed all over everything?!!? Society these days! We didn't run around printing random mustaches on things when I was a kid! I may be developing a mustache aversion on account of it =)