Thursday, January 31, 2008

Circus + Ballet = Oh My Heck!!

WOW! That's all I can say. Wow.

Though I know this video will be entertaining for all, I think only those who have actually tried dancing in pointe shoes can truly gain a full appreciation for the genius (or madness) therein. I am baffled. Speechless. Have... no... words...

Perhaps I should stop trying to find them and let you get on with it.


Lindsay B said...

Holy crap that was INSANE. For the first half I was like "yeah, yeah, big deal" and all of a sudden it was like my eyes were going to pop out of my head. I think they must be trained from birth...and how big do you think that girl 5'0 and 80 lbs? I certainly hope so...that was freaking amazing.

I don't really like the "circus" style, how it just goes from one trick to another, doesn't have the fluidity of a classical ballet...and I mean...I wouldn't really classify an arabesque turn on a man's head as "beautiful", but its definately mind boggling! Maybe I'm just too traditional, or maybe I'm just jealous. Hmmm.

Mel said...

First of all, are you crazy, Linds! "Big deal?!" Right from the beginning I was in awe. You must be some kind of super hero to even find the beginning to be no big deal. Honestly, I think there had to have been some sort of wire-age holding her up.

Also, I have to say that the lack of "back" on that ballerina really disturbed me. She had like the oddest shape ever.

Finally, I'm really concerned for the health of the man in the clip. I mean, if Linds is correct and the girl does in fact weigh about 80 pounds, then that is a lot of pressure through one point shoe to exert on a man's head, shoulder, back, whatever. I really think the long term effects could be devastating to his quality of life.

UsedToBeDay said...

NO, i totally agree linds. i wasn't very impressed at the beginning. and yeah, i agree that i enjoy watching ballet better, where the movement is so beautiful and fluid. but WOW, you can't deny the freaking amazingness of their tricks! i STILL can't believe that pique turn into an arabesque on the dudes shoulder... and then she HOLDS it!!! forever!!! i've never seen anyone do that on the ground!!!

i think, it may be a bit easier for her to balance because the guy below is actually moving around to counter her- sort of like balancing a broom on your hand, but STILL... that's one heavy, awkward broom!!

you must admit, though... she had excellent form.

Robins Nest said...

Wow wow wow. That was really awesome. You really had to wait for the amazing part but it was worth it. thanks for sharing.