Friday, January 25, 2008

Super-Awesome Photography

I'm in Utah for a couple of days while Jay is interviewing for a faculty position, which just happened to be the same week as my mom's birthday! So it worked out really nicely. What this means is that I'm missing school- which conveniently frees up more of my time for getting caught up on all my blogs ;)

I found out about this photography project (which is now being exhibited at the Mesa Arizona Temple Visitors' Center ) called "Reflections of Christ" where the photographer tried to depict scenes of Christ's life through modern photography. I read about it here if you're interested in hearing a more detailed description of the actual exhibit.

I must admit, I originally imagined something super-cheesey and a bit hokey, but I perused the photographer's blog about the production, and this video (seriously, you have to watch it) completely convinced me! I can't believe how cool the angels turned out- and I think it's so neat that he made them jump on a trampoline in front of a green screen to get it to look this way. I'm really curious about the rest of the photos now...

Luckily, I'm from "zion"- so hopefully this exhibit will get to debut here sometime in the future while I'm around. :)


ju said...

i clicked on the link to read about it and soon got distracted by the list of other posts this guy has made.

for example:

true or false? the irony for me and my LP experience is that most people like my mom would say we're too picky, that's why we're not married. touches a nerve, i'm not going to lie.

anyway, cool stuff, this photography ;)

ju said...

but why does He always have to have hair like that?

just a question.