Friday, January 4, 2008

Love surveys? Me too.

I promise a thorough update is soon to come, but I thought this was very fitting for the times and plus, who doesn't love online quizzes? Turns out I already knew the candidate for me: Ron Paul. What about you?


Mel said...

That was a fun quiz, Lib. It made me realize how little I understand about politics, though. Anyway, my candidate is apparently Obama, which I found a bit surprising. I thought Hilary would have been a much more likely choice. Guess I have a lot to learn about the candidates.

Laura said...

I'm Hillary Clinton:) That is no surprise for me either.

blogbud said...

This is pretty synchronous! I posted a similar thing today, too. :)

Like you say, it's about that time. I have been waiting for 25% percent of my life for George Bush to leave office. The time has come. This is the last year.

I came up with a three-way-ish tie including a Mr. Gravel. He's a virtual unknown, but I actually knew who he was... Not because I would vote for him, though. I already knew that I wouldn't. I found half of the answers very pat and canned, and in the case of immigration especially, very unsatisfying. I suppose that's not surprising, considering I used to work in immigration law. I always think it's interesting to look at why quizzes do and don't capture the nature of a person's thinking. Yay quizzes! (Got any more?)