Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

My my, time flies...

We had a fun, but small Thanksgiving up at my mom's this year. Realizing that I have never made a turkey on my own before, and commenting to Jay that I would be very nervous to attempt my first one under the pressures of the holiday, he suggested we buy one and try to cook it on a normal day- sans pressure. So we did.

I had full intentions of making it, but as it turns out, Jay pretty much did the whole thing.  (to the surprise of his mom ;) Jack needed to go to sleep right when I needed to be prepping it and putting it in the oven, so Jay took out the neck (we couldn't find the giblets until after it was cooked. oops), rinsed it, patted it dry, and stuffed it. The frog was finally asleep in my Moby Wrap Baby Carrier (I love this thing BTW) so I had a free hand to brush the turkey with olive oil and then Jay put it in our oven bag and put it in the oven.  

So turns out that it's not all that involved to make a turkey, but I guess I can't technically say because I didn't really make it.  I think it turned out really well!

Jay carved it and we ended up with 3 plates piled high with turkey (the 18 pounder was the smallest one I could find) and we each had about one slice.  Needless to say, I froze 5 quart size bags of cooked turkey and am probably going to end up making turkey enchiladas, soup, curry, etc until it's all gone.  Suggestions welcome!

Other than that, we've been pretty busy with the Frog's "schedule"- meaning as soon as I feel like I'm understanding his sleep patterns, he does something really unpredictable and gets it off kilter.  *sigh*  At least he regularly has a 7 hour time stretch between feedings... now if I could just get that stretch to be while I'm sleeping, we'd really be doing something great!

I've put up Christmas lights all around the house and on the front of our yard, and gave in and bought some decorations before the post-Christmas sale, though we may not buy a fake tree until after Christmas to get a good bargain.  Kind of sad, but Jay and decided not to do presents this year anyway, on behalf of saving for a new washer and drier, so it would be depressingly empty underneath anyway.  We are going to fill each others' stockings though- which means we need to own stockings.  I've picked and cut out fabric and some decor for our stockings and I'll hopefully get those made up by the end of the week.  Pictures to follow :)

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Laura said...

I made my own turkey this year too. Thanksgiving was just David and me this year. I called my mom ahead of time to ask what to do, and she told me about the giblets in the neck cavity, and the neck itself in the body cavity. It took me forever to understand that there were two different cavities, but I'm grateful for my mom's patience because I found the giblets pre-baking:) We found a 10 lb turkey, and managed to eat it and all the leftovers in under a week. But keep in mind how much turkey David can eat! And I made AWESOME turkey soup with stock from the bones. YUM. I am missing you!!!